PS Vita Homebrew release: ElevenMPV-A (Advanced music player) 5.04

Vita Developer GrapheneCt has released an update to ElevenMPV-A, an advanced music player for the PS Vita, forked from initial work by Joel16.

What is ElevenMPV ?

Eleven MPV (Eleven Music Player Vita) is a homebrew music player for Playstation VITA that aims to support many different audio formats compared to the official PS VITA music application. It can be used as a background music player (while playing games) and supports the following formats:

– MP3
– ATRAC3plus
– IT
– S3M
– XM


– Browse ux0:/, ur0:/, uma0:/, xmc0:/, grw0:/ to play the above audio formats.
– BG playback.
– Pause/Play audio.
– Shuffle/Repeat/Repeat All.
– Equalizer.
– ALC.
– Next/Previous track in current working directory.
– Display ID3v1 and ID3v2 metadata for MP3 files. Other tags are displayed for OGG, FLAC, OPUS and XM.
– Touch support.
– Seeking support using touch screen.


In file manager:



– Enter button (cross/circle): enter folder/play supported audio file.
– Cancel button (cross/circle): go up parent folder.
– DPAD Up/Down: Navigate files.
– DPAD Left/Right: Top/Bottom of list.
– SELECT button: open settings.

In audio player:

– Enter button (cross/circle): Play/Pause.
– Cancel button (cross/circle): Return to file manager.
– L trigger: Previous audio file in current directory.
– R trigger: Next audio file in current directory.
– Triangle: Shuffle audio files in current directory.
– Square: Repeat audio files in current directory.
– Power Button: Turn off display and keep playing audio in background.
– SELECT button: open settings.

In background:

– Quick Menu: mixing volume adjustment.
– Interactive notifications.
– Power Button: Turn off display and keep playing audio in background.

What’s new in ElevenMPV-A 5.04

Since the last time we mentioned ElevenMPV a few months ago (that was version 4.00 back then), a lot of stuff happened. Version 5.00 in particular has seen a full rewrite of the code for better performance.


  • Application has been fully redesigned and now uses Playstation Application Framework.
  • Added full integration with Quick Menu.


  • Playback in sleep mode is now more power efficient.
  • Loading of covers is performed asynchronously now.
  • Flac decoder performance has been greatly improved.

New features:

  • Added support for easy localization of the application. Application automatically selects language based on system language.

UI and controls:

  • Application can now be fully controled with system buttons or touch input.
  • If folder cover image is present, it will be loaded as background in the file browser.

Bug fixes/improvements since 5.00:

  • Fix PNG cover loading
  • Fixed an issue where playback would not proceed to next track on some codecs when in sleep mode or in the background.
  • Fixed occasional issues on app exit.
  • Fixed Turkish language support.
  • Fixed an issue where album cover would be unloaded when using player in “repeat one” mode.
  • Added Spanish translation

Download ElevenMPV-A 5.04

Download from the project’s github here.