PS Vita: Rinnegatamante teases a Doom 3 port to the console (video)

Scene developer Rinnegatamante, the man of a thousand ports to the PS vita, has teased yet another impressive port, this time of Doom 3on the PS Vita. Check his videos below.

Doom and Doom 2 are pretty much running on anything these days, but the same cannot be said of Doom 3. That’s partially because the game is less iconic, but also because it is much more resource demanding. It’s impressive to have it run on the PS Vita.

The developer hasn’t shared much details on what has been done to achieve the port, but his second video shows the game running with “ultra” settings, albeit with downgraded texture quality (that’s for the game to actually work with the console’s limited VRAM, according to Rinnegatamante).

Based on the two videos posted, it seems the game runs overall reasonably smoothly at an average 20fps, although significant framerate drops can be seen in some scenes. A door opening (and probably loading the next scene) in particular sees a drop to 5fps. We’ll need to see some actual action phases to understand if the game is playable in its actual state or not.

One particular scene drops to 5fps in this early port, but overall the game seems to perform nicely.

Rinnegatamante has performed some miracles for the scene in the past, with popular ports such as GTA 3Quake 3GTA San Andreas, and more… So it wouldn’t be surprising if this upcoming Doom 3 port is impressive.

Check out the two videos below.

Source: Rinnegatamante, thanks to Adam for the tip!