PS5 Devkit/Testkit Debug Settings pictures surface

Twitter account SCEDevNetwork (Robert Sebo) has published pictures of what is allegedly the GUI for PS5 Devkit (DFI-D1000AA) and Testkit(DFI-T1000AA), in particular for the Debug Settings of the PS5 Firmware.

The pictures feature extensive PS5 Debug Settings screenshots and GUI for the Devkit and the TestKit, as identified below:

  • Devkit:
Sony PlayStation®5/PS5 Development Kit (DevKit) from SIEE/Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd)
FCC ID: CCAB20LP1680T0 • AK8M19DFR1 • R409B-M19DFR1 / Brand: Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Model No.: DFI-D1000AA
Firmware: 2.50 (DEV) (Version)
Console storage: 2.46TB (Internal SSD)
  • TestKit:
Sony PlayStation®5/PS5 Testing Kit (TestKit) from SIEE/Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd)
FCC ID: CCAB20LP129BT4 • R-C-SCE-DFI-T1000AA / Brand: Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Model No.: DFI-T1000AA
Firmware: 2.50 (DEV) (Version)
Console storage: 667,2GB (Internal SSD)

According to the pictures, the Debug Settings for the PS5 include the following features:

  • Game
  • System
  • Multi-User
  • PlayStation Network
  • Activation
  • Boot Parameters
  • Controller Settings
  • Core Dump
  • Crash Reporting
  • Game Live streaming
  • Graphics
  • MCS Settings
  • Memory
  • Network
  • Network (DEV)
  • PlayStation VR
  • Remote Play
  • Share
  • Sound and Screen
  • System Update
  • Web

The Game Section in particular has the typical Package Downloader/Package Installer options that have been somewhat abused in the Past on the PS Vita 🙂

This follows attempts from a seller to distribute PS5 Devkits and Testkits on eBay a few days ago, and this could possibly be the same person, considering their site offers to sell PS5 Devkits, using the same pictures that had been published on eBay.



It is worth mentioning once again that a PS5 devkit without an accompanying license is useless to most people.

More pictures at the source below.

source: SCEDevNetwork