PS Vita – GTA:SA Vita updated to 2.1 (GTA San Andreas Port by TheFloW)

Developer TheFloW has released an update to his GTA San Andreas port for the PS Vita, now version 2.1. This new release brings minor improvements. From the changelog:


  • Changed some button actions to on press (e.g. jump).
  • Made minor improvements. Thanks to adjutantt.
  • Updated to latest vitaGL.

What is GTA-SA Vita ?

GTA-SA is a port of GTA – San Andreas for the PS Vita, based on the Android version of the game. It is being developed mainly by TheFloW and Rinnegatamante, with support from aap, Freakler, frangarcj, fgsfds, Bythos, SonicMstr, isage, JonathanERC, and gtagmodding.


Download and install GTA San Andreas 2.1 for PS Vita

You can download GTA San Andreas for PS Vita on the release page here. You will need a hacked PS Vita in order to run this port.

For installation and run instructions, check the official Readme.