PS Vita release: TheXTech (Super Mario Bros X)

Developer Axiom has released the first version of his Vita port of TheXTech, an SMBX (Super Mario Bros X.) engine.

What is SMBX/TheXTech for PS Vita?

SMBX (Super Mario Bros. X) is a platformer game originally published in 2009. The game is a fan game based on the Mario series. Game mechanics combines such games of the series as: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. There are also in SMBX elements from new games in the series and from other games like Metroid and Legend of Zelda.

The official site touts it as the “greatest fan-made tribute to super Mario of all time”, and the games has the following cool features:

  • Five playable characters including: Peach, Toad, and Link
  • Over 60 cleverly designed levels in the two default episodes
  • Easy to use, real-time level editor with thousands of objects to choose from
  • Both classic and brand new power ups such as Yoshi and The Billy Gun
  • Two player co-op action with an intelligent camera that splits and combines
  • An intense battle mode that will leave you coming back for more

SMBX was made open source by its author Andrew Spinks in 2020, and then ported to C++  by developer Wohlstand, under the name TheXTech.

It’s this C++ version that Axiom ported to the PS Vita, and for which we get a port today. From the release notes:

The Vita version is based off the latest master branch and technically has features from v1.3.5.2 and v1.3.6 (WIP).



Check out the README for more information and developer comments.
Assets from just about any game using TheXTech can be dropped in. However, the most popular one is the SMBX config

Check out the video below from the developer himself showing how to install the game. (Gameplay footage starts around 6:30)


Download and install TheXTEch (Super Mario Bros. X) for PS Vita

You can download TheXTech from the project’s github here.

Install Instructions

  1. While possible to move all assets over FTP, it’s much faster and more reliable to mount your Vita over USB or move your Vita2SD to your computer and copy that way. You’ve been warned.
  2. Ensure you have extracted libshacccg.suprx
  3. Download and install thextech.vpk.
  4. Download one of the desktop versions of TheXTech, I prefer downloading the Linux or Windows versions as they’re the easiest to steal the resources from.
  5. Extract the desktop version of TheXTech to a folder of your convenience. You will need the following folders and files from the desktop version:
    • battle
    • graphics
    • music
    • sound
    • worlds
    • intro.lvl
    • outro.lvl
    • gameinfo.ini
    • sound.ini
    • music.ini
  6. Created a folder on your Vita named “TheXTech” (case matters) in ux0:data
  7. Move the listed folders & files from your computer to ux0:data/TheXTech.
    Upon completion, your folder structure should look like this:
  8. Install thextech.vpk and enjoy.


  • Graphics masks may not currently work for a variety of reasons ranging from:
    • Lack of original masks in graphics directory
    • Lack of masks found in level or world directory
    • Lack of RAM, etc. etc.
  • DO NOT change your input device in settings! Remapping buttons is ok, but if you change input it will be changed to a non-existent keyboard device. If you do this, just force exit the game and settings won’t be saved.
  • Mask based graphics (eg: npc-1.gif & npc-1m.gif) currently are not working. The logic is there, but currently the images are not combining.
  • Slowdowns may happen.
  • SOME Midi tracks may kill performance (specifcially: using the libOPNMidi backend. this is pretty rare and midi support through libOPN and libADL are all relatively new to SMBX)
  • Cheats currently don’t work.

Thanks to @Roc6d for the tip!