Customized Trippy Gamer PS4 Theme PKG by F1R3xS1NN3R

Here’s a customized Trippy Gamer PS4 Theme PKG made by me @KINGLILBO509 (aka F1R3xS1NN3R on Github) using @MODDEDWARFARE‘s PS4 Theme Creator tool for Windows… it’s very useful if you like making your own PlayStation 4 themes! 💯 :fire: :sneaky:

Download: (33.9 MB) / UP0001-CUSA13666_00-PSTCTHEME0100000-A0000-V0200.pkg (18.8 MB) / Latest Release / GIT

I’m new to the PS4 Scene but picking up very quickly so thank you to MODDED_WARFARE via Twitter for all the video tutorials on MODDED WARFARE’s YouTube Channel, they have seriously helped me at times I was stuck.. EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK HIM OUT including his new PS4 Patch Builder v1.3.2 update for building modded update PKGs! :tup:

This comes following the previous PS4 Theme EditorPS4 Theme Creator v1.2Dumping PS4 Themes TutorialMaking / Installing Permanent PS4 Themes with Official PKG’s TutorialMaking a License for Official PS4 Theme PKGs in Windows GuidePS4 Retail Theme Unlocker Windows GUI Front-EndDirectDraw Surface (DDS) Converter for Dynamic PS4 Themes and How to Make a Custom PS4 Dynamic Theme Guide with a Permanent PS4 Themes Archive spreadsheet also available.

Customized Trippy Gamer PS4 Theme PKG by F1R3xS1NN3R.png