PS4 FTPDump, TestKit 8.00 Update PUP Leak & More Hit PS4Scene!

Proceeding the PS4 FTP Server OpenOrbis PKGOrbisFTP 1.0 background app supporting all Jailbroken PlayStation 4 firmware versions, the PS4 / PS5 DevKit Leaks and his Guide to Install PSXITArch Linux on PS4 developer Hippie68 recently made available a Bash script that dumps PS4 games via FTP connection over the network… with an 8.00 PS4 TestKit Update PUP leak 💧 also hitting the PS4Scene alongside a CVE-2021-1879: Use-After-Free in QuickTimePluginReplacement WebKit exploit that was previously patched in PS4 8.50 OFW and after testing confirmed to only work with Safari Web browser. :oops:

Download: / GIT / PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN3-8_008_041.PUP (532.49 MB)

Above are some related PS4 game dumping articles sorted by date with the oldest first, and from the README.mdFTPDump

Bash script that dumps PS4 games via FTP connection over the network. Requires cURL and a PS4 FTP server that supports SELF decryption. For maximum speed, a gigabit cable connection is recommended.


1) Insert a disc and install the game.
2) Start the FTP server payload on your PS4 (HEN not needed).
3) Press the PS button (no other button) to leave the browser.
4) Run the game.
5) Run this script.

To dump more games, repeat steps 1), 4), 5).

Before running the script, make sure the game is completely installed. Should the dumping process be interrupted, please delete partial dumps before trying again.

  -a, --app-only    Dump app only.
  -d, --dlc-only    Dump DLC only.
  -h, --help        Print usage information.
  -p, --patch-only  Dump patch only.
  -s, --sflash      Dump sflash0 and quit.

If no output directory is specified, the current directory will be used. The dumps will take place in the following subdirectories:


Optionally, IP address and port can be saved inside the script:


The PC speaker can be used to beep when a dump is complete:

beep_time=60 (in seconds)

Depending on your computer and operating system, you might not have a PC speaker or must enable it first.

Note that I did not have time to test the script with many different games. For trouble shooting, you can enable debug messages and/or see cURL’s status messages by prefixing the command:

DEBUG=1 ftpdump ...
CURL_VERBOSE=1 ftpdump ...
DEBUG=1 CURL_VERBOSE=1 ftpdump ...

If the script does not run as expected, please report bugs at issues.

Cheers to MSZ_MGS via Twitter for the heads-up on this earlier! 🍻

🔥 Also making rounds in the PS4 Scene via Twitter is a PS4 TestKit 8.00 Update PUP via sonyjew that is newer than the previous 7.55 version from the CDPR PS4 DevKit leak 🚰 for use with a PlayStation 4 Debug / TestKit Console… below are some previous articles covering them:

🐞 Finally, below is a CVE-2021-1879: Use-After-Free in QuickTimePluginReplacement WebKit exploit that @zecoxao is seeking to be tested on PS4 8.00 Retail or TestKit consoles, which he states was previously patched in PS4 8.50 OFW according to his Tweets below so it’s not advisable to update your PS4 console.

:arrow: Update: Test results are in, according to @zecoxao on Twitter the above Webkit exploit only works with Safari Web browser. :confused:

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