WinDos (Windows 3.1 Emulator) by Samson



by Samson​


Included Emulators

  • colovision.. some launching problems , run as dos session
  • Fmsx (msx) (windows and dos versions)
  • x520I (etari)
  • pc64 (com64)


Controls ​
Functions ​
  • Mapped to arrow keys
:but x:
  • Enter
  • Backspace
New Programs and Games all launchable from the start menu..


I’ve set up dos based emus to launch from a run.bat so end user can edit and add game to be run, if you have problems try running from explorer, run, run as dos session.

Added Games

  • another world
  • hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
  • ghouls and ghosts
  • metal gear
  • shinobi
  • and lots more also a few wolf 3d mods

Also Added

  • usb support(no hot plugging)
  • a fake cd rom(folder) to copy file into (ps3 file manager or ftp)
  • a windows based hex editor


so i think i am about done with it most 3d game lag.. but all 2d and simple 3d work. running slow-Pentium fixed@4000 BUT you can bump the cycles up as much as you want, but sound will suffer.

also i still cant get win32s to work on ps3 , works fine on pc .. go figure.

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