[PS Vita scene] Cspot Vita v0.2.9 released

A new update has been released for Cspot Vita , the Spotify Connect client brings the music platform to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles .


The Spotify Connect client allows you to play music from the Spotify platform in high quality (at 320 kbps), it is mainly used to play music wirelessly to other compatible devices. Unfortunately, the use of Spotify Connect is linked to the Spotify Premium account, therefore for a fee.

Moreover, the app also requires version 1.2 of the TLS protocol present on the most recent firmware, while for those who intend to continue using the older firmware (perhaps to be able to run HENkaku Ensō) they could install the required certificates through the iTLS-Enso app .

Changelog v0.2.9

  • Fix: Queue unlock mutex.

Changelog v0.2.8

  • Fit to core cspot.

Changelog v0.2.7

  • Run the app in game mode.
  • Temporary fix for #10.
    • No longer freezes the image on exiting the app and back in, while the app can subsequently run fine.

Changelog v0.2.6

  • Feat: Added the get_available_devices.
  • Correction: buffer free.
  • Feat: Pause background gui.

Changelog v0.2.5

  • Feat: Replaced internal client with curl.

Changelog v0.2.4

  • feat: Prevents calling the API with an empty token.

Changelog v0.2.3

  • Added saving of the log to file.
  • Added refresh buttons.

Changelog v0.2.2

  • Fixed duplication of playlists.
  • Buffer refactoring.

Changelog v0.2.1

  • Fixed playback issues when buffer is full.

Changelog v0.2.0

  • Fetch user playlists via Spotify API.

Download: Cspot Life v0.2.9

Download: Source code Cspot Vita v0.2.9

Source: github.com