[PS Vita scene] PSP2-batteryFixer v3.0 released

Published a new update for PSP2-batteryFixer , the application allows us to correct most of the problems related to the battery on Henkaku Enso .

This tool resets the battery controller (Abby) and restarts the system controller (Ernie) before Abby can get the calibration data.


This in turn causes Ernie to hard cycle all devices when Ernie starts up due to bad Abby data, it also clears all Abby calibration data and flags.

Pressing the PS+SELECT+LT+PWR+START combo for at least 10~15 seconds aims to reboot Ernie by completely power cycling all devices at startup including Abby, but does NOT erase its calibration data.


  • Download and install the file batteryFixer.vpkwith VitaShell.
  • Run the BatteryFixer app on PlayStation Vita.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
    • If you do not see any message on the console and it does not turn off after 5 seconds, press .


  • Changed and simplified the whole process.
  • It should now work on all devices.
  • Increased the delay before reset from 5 to 10 seconds, it should now be easier to read the entire displayed message.

Download: BatteryFixer v3.0

Download: Source code batteryFixer v3.0

Source: twitter.com