The development of the AetherSX2 emulator is halted due to some threats

There would be some death threats behind the suspension of the development of the AetherSX2 emulator , the software that allows you to run ISO images of the PS2 on Android devices.


In a statement posted on the emulator’s official website, the developer behind AetherSX2 claims to feel tired of the constant imitations, complaints, requests and death threats, deciding to put an end to the development of the emulator.

AetherSX2 was developed more as a hobby than for profit, this is what is claimed by the developer who no longer seems to have any intention of wasting any more time behind it.

The emulator will still work and can be downloaded from trusted sources (developer recommends following “good security hygiene” and not downloading APKs randomly found online), but no further development will take place.

The news comes as a real blow out of the blue to the Android emulation community, who have only one other option for emulating their PS2 games, DamonPS2 .

The latter has several negative reviews on the Android Store , also defined by many as a for-profit and closed-source app with a very shady past.