Released Movian v5.0.734 for Android devices

The developer Deank publishes a new Movian update for Android devices only, the cross-platform media player allows us to play many audio and video file formats.

This new release brings a change in the use of the free and collaborative database TMDB which now correctly uses the https protocol.

Also fixed a regression in the libav library which aims to fix subtitles embedded within videos.



Note: If you have installed the official version of Movian, uninstall it before continuing with the installation of this version modified by the developer Deank.


General characteristics

File browsing

  • Local file system.
  • External storage media (including NTFS) are automounted on Playstation 3 and Raspberry PI with read and write support.
  • It reads the contents and is able to play them as compressed ZIP files and uncompressed RAR files.
  • SMB/CIFS – “”Windows shares”
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • UPnP/DLNA.
  • WebDAV.
  • Torrent client – ​​capable of directly playing audio and video files over BitTorrent protocol, as well as browsing torrent files and playing torrent files via magnet links.

Video streaming

  • HTTP – Launch files directly via HTTP/HTTPS protocols.
  • HLS – HTTP Live Streaming. For multiple bit rate streams Movian will select the optimal stream based on the available bandwidth. Internal and external audio multitrack streams are supported.
  • RTMP – Streaming protocol used for Flash players.
  • HTSP – Live TV streaming from Tvheadend.

Audio streaming

  • Icecasts/Shoutcasts.

Additional features

  • Fixed MPEG-TS H264/AVC playback.
  • Fixed AV sync (acceleration) issues when using hardware decoding of H264/H265/MPEG2/MPEG4.
  • Fixed crash or missing graphics after suspend or when Android TV system menu is invoked.
  • Added option in “Video Playback” to enable/disable MPEG4 (DivX/XviD) hardware decoding.
  • Added option in Video Playback to control pre-buffering for local/network/torrent files.
  • Increased the maximum value for the video buffer to 768MB.
  • Added option in “Video Playback” to change UP/DOWN button actions (Overall Volume/Volume per File or Channel +/-).
  • Increased the maximum number of peers per bittorent download from 50 to 150.
  • Replaced OpenSL ES with Android AudioTrack API.
  • Added Dolby Digital Pass-through (AC3) and Dolby Digital+ (EAC3) modes.
  • Added DTS pass-through mode and DTS-HD Master Audio.
  • Added option in “Audio Settings” “Transcode to EAC3 when possible”.
  • Added transcoding of unsupported audio codecs (AAC/MP2/MP3) to 5.1 DD/AC3 640 kbps and (DTS/DTS-HD/TRUE-HD) to 5.1 DD+/EAC3 768 kbps (if above option is enabled ).
  • Added support for interrupted playback of AC3 audio with bitrate above 448kbps on Android 5.
  • Register as handler for : and other video files from LOCAL and HTTP/HTTPS sources.
  • In Bittorent settings: It is now possible to set “Maximum use of free space for torrent cache” to 0% (ie “do not use disk cache”).
  • This modified version of Movian cannot be installed over the official version.

  • AC3 and EAC3 pass-through requires Android 5 or later (API 21).
  • DTS pass-through requires Android 6 or higher (API 23) and is discontinued on Sony Bravia TV in Android 7.

  • Apply “Dark” theme on launch to avoid white home screen on Android TV.
  • “Android Storage” renamed to “USB Drive”.

  • HLS LIVE/VOD Playback: Video buffer is now used up to “Video Buffer Size” in seconds.
  • HLS LIVE Playback: Checks for new segments with buffer less than 18 seconds.
  • HLS Playback: Buffered video can now be searched forward.
  • Added “HLS Live Playback Mode” option (Standard/Large Pre-Buffer/From Start/Standard with Rewind).

  • Torrent/Magnet Links: Updated list of trackers.

  • Screen Saver now works (bing images or user images).

  • The TV remote buttons are mapped as follows:
    • RED – Exit Movian.
    • GREEN – Show Log.
    • YELLOW – System information.
    • BLUE – Screen Saver.
    • TELETEXT – Menu.
    • INFO – Media information.
    • AUDIO – Change audio.
    • SUBTITLE – Change subtitles.

  • HLS support for MPEG1/MPEG2/HEVC video and EAC3 audio (hls/m3u8 playback).

  • Added in-app update (Settings/General/Update to releases from:).
  • Added: Exit Movian with [BACK] in Home Screen.

  • Added: Support for DVD ISO playback from local and network/smb/torrent locations on Android/AndroidTV (No touch support for DVD menu navigation, so Android TV or Android Box with keyboard/remote will be required).
  • Added: Separate option for DVD/MPEG2 hardware acceleration in Settings/Video Playback.

  • Added: Support for pasting clipboard (text/links) with a new button in the OSK (on-screen keyboard).

  • Greatly improved playback of some MPEG4 (DivX/Xvid) formats on Sony Bravia Android TV (smoother and no dropped frames).
  • Fixed: Playing HW accelerated video only files (if there is no audio track, the video now plays).
  • Reworked AV Sync on Android: There should be no av-sync and acceleration issues on startup/resume and no audio delay after pause/resume.

  • Fixed: Audio delay can now go from -5 to +5 seconds.
  • Improved: DVD-Video playback on Sony Bravia Android TV.
  • Added: “Home Screen” section in Settings/Appearance and new options (need to restart after change):
    • Show ‘USB Drives’ – You can disable the icon on the main screen.
    • Show “Movian Data”: Useful to make a complete backup of the Movian Android configuration via FTP.

Added two endpoints (you can use device IP address as 192.168.x.x):




Case 1) USB (make sure you have enabled Movian storage permissions in Android/Settings/Apps/Movian/Permissions):

  • Put a file on your USB stick and plug it in: It will show up under “USB Drive” with its ID (such as ABCD-1234).
  • If your file is named my_playlist.m3uyou can use an address like:

Case 2) Internal memory:

  • Enable “Movian Data” (restart Movian using the “Exit Movian” option).

Using FTP

  • Enable FTP servers
  • Connect via FTP and open the /Movian Data/tmp/.
  • Transfer your files to this folder (for example my_playlist.m3u)

Using a USB device

  • Open the USB drive, select the file or folder and long press to bring up the context menu.
  • Select “Copy to location…”.
  • Browse and select “Movian Data” -> “tmp” (press OK).

  • Now in a plugin you can use an address like:


Android – Android TV

  • Download the file .apk( file movian-5.0.70x-deank-android.apk) and install it on your Android device. If you are using the official version of Movian (and not an older version of the same Mod) you will need to uninstall it first and perform a clean install.
  • You may need to enable the “Install from untrusted sources” option on your Android device and use a File Manager such as “X-Plore” (available on the Google PlayStore). Remember to enter the access key for the F1 plugin if you are doing a clean install.

Amazon Fire TV/Stick (Android)

  • On Fire TV, go to “Settings” -> “My Fire TV” -> “Developer Options”.
  • Enable the item “Applications from unknown sources”
  • From the Amazon Fire main menu, then go to “Search”.
  • Type “Downloaders”.
  • Click the Downloader app icon to download and install it.
  • Launch the Downloader app.
  • In the main menu of the Downloader app enter the following address:
  • Click “Go”.
  • The Movian setup file (apk) will now start downloading.
  • Once the download process is complete, install it on your Amazon Fire TV/Stick.
  • Click “Open” to start Movian on the FireStick.


  • Added: Support for AV1 video codec (hardware accelerated only). Clear metadata if you previously tried to play AV1 video (Settings/General/Clear metadata), then restart Movian.
  • Changed: TMDB now uses https, libav regression (fix subtitles embedded in video).

Download: Movian v5.0.734 (Android)

Download:  MovianDRM v5.1.730 (Android)