[PS Vita Scene] Theme v2.1 Released

Installing themes on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles now goes through a new tool called Theme .

The app allows you to download themes simply using the web browser of the PlayStation Vita console and PlayStation TV .


How to use

  • To download the temporary files (this is where the files .zipare downloaded and then deleted after the extraction process):ux0:ptmp/


When installing themes on the LiveArea, the app will make a backup of the file app.dbin: ur0:shell/db/app_orig.db

Copy that backup somewhere safe because it will be overwritten the next time you install a theme.


Note: The themes you intend to install must not be located inside a folder. Instead, all images must be inside the zip file.


As a side note, remember to name/add your thumbnail images as follows so they appear in the theme manager:

  • preview_thumbnail.png
  • preview_page.png
  • preview_lockscreen.png

The theme will still work without these three files, but the preview will appear blank. The console will automatically generate a preview image after you have “equipped” the theme.

Download: Theme v2.1

Download: Source code Theme

Source: twitter.com