[PS Vita scene] Super Mario UniMaker v1.2.3.4 released

A quick update has been released for Super Mario UniMaker on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles . The Super Mario Maker fan game made by developer MEGAgameBoy allows you to create your own Super Mario levels .


The program allows you to create levels with a structure and style similar to those of classic 2D video games for 8- and 16-bit consoles, such as the Mario Bros. saga.


The 281 MB editor contains more than 20 different models, including meadows, caves, lava and whatnot. There’s also a wide variety of enemies and objects that you can drag and drop into stages.


Note: To install custom levels you need to take the file .unisand place it inside the directory ux0:user/00/savedata/SMUM30622/courses/. If you intend to share levels, get the file .uniswith the name of your level in the same folder mentioned above.


Changelog v1.2.3.4

  • Fixed a level selection bug.

Changelog v1.2.3.3

  • Fixed a crash in the level selector.
  • Fixed overselect bug on layer selector.
  • Added a message when there are no custom/saved levels to show.
  • Web links replaced with QR codes.
  • Added full joystick support for editor/play modes.

Download: Super Mario UniMaker v1.2.3.4

Download: Source code Super Mario UniMaker

Source: twitter.com