[PS3 scene] PkgView is updated to version 1.4 after 10 long years

A little over ten years have passed since the last update of PkgView , the tool originally developed by the developer ifcaro is aimed at all developers or “geeks”, it is used to extract PS3/PSX/PSP PKG files on computers with Windows operating systems.


This app allows you to extract files but cannot rebuild PKG files. However, the update only adds support for the PS3’s Arcade packs.

Some of the PKG files that can now be extracted see titles like Alien Storm , Gogetsuji Legends and Vigilante , small ROMs that can be emulated on the PlayStation 3 console through a standalone version of the retroArch MAME core.


  • Added support for PS3 arcade packs.
  • Fixed the icon.
  • Cleaned up the code.

Download: PkgView v1.4

Download: Sourcecode PkgView v1.4

Source: github.com