S4/PS5 Mast1c0re Payloader v1.0.3 released

Published a new update for  PS4/PS5 Mast1c0re Payloader , the program for Windows PC developed by the Master developer allows us to automate the process of injecting Mast1c0re payloads on PS4 and PS5 consoles.


This tool performs the same operations as the executables mast1c0re – PS2 ELF Loader , mast1c0re PS2 Network Game Loader and  mast1c0re – USB Game Loader , three tools developed by McCaulay Hudson .


From the program it is also possible to load the images manually .bin.elfand , just click on the Browse.iso button , select the image you intend to send to the console and click on the Send button .

Supported systems and firmware versions

  • PS4:
    • 5.05
    • 6.72
    • 9.00
    • 10.01
    • 10.50
  • PS5:
    • 6.50


  1. Run  Okage Shadow King  on your jailbroken PS4 console.
  2. Create a character and go to your bedroom in the game, where you will be able to save the game, this will create your initial save data.
  3. From Apollo Save Tool, decrypt the save data. This will create decrypted versions of the save file, on the hard drive of the jailbroken PS4.
  4. From the PC running the FTP client, connect to the jailbroken PS4 via FTP and locate the decrypted files. There should be a file  VMC0.card in there. Replace that file with one of the same files below (just copy the file used by the PC via FTP to overwrite the one on the jailbroken PS4).
  5. Once the exploit has been run on the console, send the ELF file or ISO image through the utility.

Running the PS2 ELF loader

You need to load the ELF loader by importing the file  VCM0.card for your PS4 or PS5 firmware into an  Okage: Shadow King save . Then, you have to run the game and restore your save file to activate the loader.

Sending a PS2 ELF file

Graphic interface

The “PS4/PS5 Mast1c0re Payloader v1.0.0” GUI tool can be used to send a PS2 ELF or PS2 ISO file to the PlayStation.

  • Download the .rar archive from this address and extract it on your PC.
  • Run the program and enter the IP address of the PS4/PS5 console, then click one of the buttons to automatically inject the payloads.
    • Alternatively, it is possible to manually choose the images .bin.elfand .iso, just click on the Browse button , select the image you intend to send to the console and click on the Send button .


  • Added Python code to send images in ISO and ELF.
  • OkagePS2EmuCompatibility.

Download: PS4/PS5 Mast1c0re Payloader v1.0.3

Download: Source code PS4/PS5 Mast1c0re Payloader v1.0.3

Source: twitter.com