[PS Vita scene] Isabelle Dance Studio v1.0-PSP2 released

Huckleberrypie and ParkingLotStudio resurrect Isabelle Dance Studio on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles , the updated and modernized port based on Isabelle Palmer ‘s stories was made in Unity.

Players take on the role of Isabelle as she performs her ballet routines. Points are scored by touching the stars for Isabelle to reach and keep them in the air.


Collecting gems fills the starburst meter, which the player can use to clear the screen and get more points. Megastars rewards the player with multipliers and other bonuses; the blue megastar generates a rainbow that causes the stars to bounce off the floor.

If at least one star hits the floor, or if the player accidentally touches the black pearl, the game is over and players must start over.


  • Essential gaming features, of course.
  • Updated to Unity 2018.2.19f1 from Unity 4.3.2.
  • Support for platforms such as PlayStation Vita.


  • Download the file .vpkand the archive .zipcontaining the patch files.
  • Once both files are downloaded, unzip the file .vpkand archive .zipon your PC.
  • Get the archive Isabelle.Dance.Studio.7z (links can be found everywhere, even within the repository, we won’t provide them anyway).
  • Extract the library Assembly-CSharp.dllfrom the archive .7z(the file can be found in the directory assets\bin\Data\Managed), then copy it to the folder PatchFiles. Move the file main.4.com.americangirl.agballet.obbcontained in the directory Android\obb\com.americangirl.agballetto the same folder and run the script xdelta.bat.
  • Copy the file archive.psarcinside the folder IsabelleDanceStudioPSP2v100-VitaDB, then copy il2CppAssemblies.suprxto Media\Modules. Compress the contents of the folder IsabelleDanceStudioPSP2v100-VitaDBto Isabelle.vpkor else, then install as usual.
    • Alternatively, download the VPK version to your Vita using VitaDB Downloader, then using VitaShell, copy the previously patched files into the directory ux0:app/PCSE69420– the file archive.psarcshould be inside that folder, while il2CppAssemblies.suprxit should be in Media /Modules. Run the game as usual and enjoy.

Known issues

  • The PC build works, but the resulting game has missing sprites and broken logic.


  • Add a simple localization script (JSON or something, idk) to help fan translations?
  • Porting the game to modern Android and iOS versions.

Download: Isabelle Dance Studio v1.0-PSP2 (VPK)

Download: Isabelle Dance Studio v1.0-PSP2 (patchfiles)

Download: Source code Isabelle Dance Studio v1.0-PSP2

Source: twitter.com