[PS5 scene] FTPS5 BD-JB v1.3.1 R/W released

Published two quick updates for FTPS5 BD-JB , the payload reworked by the developer  john-tornblom allows us to download entire games, savegames and other files contained within the  PlayStation 5 console with firmware 4.51 (and previous versions).

FTPS5  is one of the first payloads made for  PlayStation 5 consoles , the persistent FTP server originally developed by developer  xerpi  for PlayStation 4 consoles .


The FTP server runs permanently on the  PlayStation 5 console , and persists until a subsequent restart, this also leads us to download content and large files.

The version 1.3 update adds support for mounting /preinst,  /system,  /system_exand  /system_tmpread and write partitions using the command SITE. The version 1.3.1 update fixes some bugs instead.


Client software that has been tested includes gFTP , Filezilla and Thunar . Additionally, the payload supports a couple of PS5-specific custom SITE commands (executed without prepending SITE ). In particular:

  • KILL– Terminate the FTP server. This allows you to launch other payloads.
  • MTRW– Remount /systemand /system_exwith write permissions.

Optionally, the server can also be forked into its own process:

john@localhost:ftps5-payload$ export PS5_PAYLOAD_SDK=/opt/ps5-payload-sdk
john@localhost:ftps5-payload$ export FORK_SERVER=1
john@localhost:ftps5-payload$ make


The command MTRWis only supported on PS5 when distributed through the BD-J entrypoint, so it’s disabled by default. To enable it type:

john@localhost:ftps5-payload$ export PS5_PAYLOAD_SDK=/opt/ps5-payload-sdk
john@localhost:ftps5-payload$ export MTRW_COMMAND=1
john@localhost:ftps5-payload$ make

Forking the process via the BD-J entrypoint crashes the PS5 kernel when a client connects and requests a file list. Also, whenever a forked process is terminated (for example, via the command KILL), the PS5 kernel also crashes.

Download: FTPS5 BD-JB v1.3.1

Download: FTPS5 BD-JB source code

Source: twitter.com