[DS Scene] NitroSwan v0.5.1 released

Published a new update for NitroSwan , the Bandai WonderSwan (Color/Crystal) and PocketChallenge V2 emulator for Nintendo DS consoles developed by developer Fredrik Ahlström .

This new update only makes a number of fixes and adds a new border setting.


  • Create a folder and rename it to nitroswanwithin the SD card or data folder, this is where your settings and save files end up.
  • Now upload the game/bios files in a folder together with the roms (WonderSwan).
  • Depending on your flashcard you may need to DLDI patch the emulator.

The save files should be compatible with most other WonderSwan emulators.

 Press the + shoulder buttons or tap the screen to select between tabs.

Press and hold while launching a game to access boot rom settings, internal EEPROM is saved when saving settings.



  • Load Game: Select a game to load.
  • Load State: Load a previously saved state of the currently running game.
  • Save State: Save a state of the currently running game.
  • Load NVRAM: Load non-volatile RAM (EEPROM/SRAM) for the currently running game.
  • Save NVRAM: Save non-volatile RAM (EEPROM/SRAM) for the currently running game.
  • Save Settings: Save the current settings (and internal EEPROM).
  • Reset Game: Reset the currently running game.


  • Controllers:
    • Autofire: Select if you want automatic fire.
    • Controller: 2P starts a 2 player game.
    • Swap A/B: Swap which NDS button is mapped to which WS button.
  • Display:
    • Mono Palette: Here you can select the palette for black and white games.
    • Gamma: Allows you to change the gamma (“brightness”).
    • Disable Foreground: Enable/Disable foreground rendering.
    • Disable Background: Enable/disable background rendering.
    • Disable Sprites: Enable/Disable sprite rendering.
  • Machine Settings:
    • Machine: Select the emulated machine.
    • Select WS Bios: Load a real WS BIOS.
    • Select WS Color Bios: Load a real WS Color Bios.
    • Select WS Crystal Bios: Load a real WS Crystal Bios.
    • Import internal EEPROM: Load a special internal EEPROM.
    • Clear internal EEPROM: Clear the internal EEPROM.
    • Cpu speed hacks: Enable speed hacks.
    • Change Battery: Change to a new main battery (AA/LR6).
    • Language: Select between Japanese and English.
  • Settings:
    • Speed: Switch between speed modes.
      • Normal: The game runs at its normal speed.
      • 200%: The game runs at double speed.
      • Max: Games can run up to 4x normal speed (may change).
      • 50%: The game runs at half speed.
    • Autoload State: Activate the automatic loading of Savestate.
      • Automatically load the save state associated with the current game.
    • Autoload NVRAM: Enable/Disable autoload EEPROM/SRAM.
      • Automatically loads the EEPROM/SRAM associated with the current game.
    • Autosave Settings: This will save the settings when exiting the menu if any changes are made.
    • Autopause Game: Enable or disable whether the game should be paused when opening the menu.
    • Powersave 2nd Screen: Whether the graphics/light should be turned off for the GUI screen when the menu is inactive.
    • Emulator on Bottom: Select whether to use the top or bottom screen for the emulator, when the menu is active the emulator screen is always on top.
    • Debug Output: Shows an FPS meter for now.
    • Autosleep: Doesn’t work.


  • Some silly info about the game and the emulator…

Changelog v0.5.1

  • Fixed noise calculation.
  • Fixed BnW palettes.
  • Added setting for border.

Changelog v0.5.0

  • Fixed resetting mapper logs.
  • Fixed loading roms that are not power of 2.
  • Fixed the timing of several opcodes.
  • Fixed interrupt timing.
  • Fixed the timing of address calculations.
  • Fixed some CPU opcodes.
  • Fixed interrupt handling.
  • Fixed the timer.
  • Fixed sweep on audio channel 3.
  • Fixed noise feedback selection.
  • Fixed sound sample playback.
  • Optimized the cpu core a bit.
  • Added support for serial port interrupts.
  • Added support for low battery.
  • Added new debug menu.
  • NDS battery connected to WS battery.
  • Improved menu scrolling.

Download: NitroSwan v0.5.1

Download: Source code NitroSwan v0.5.1

Source: gbatemp.net