PS3: CFW Evilnat 4.90 released

Developer Evilnat has released CFW 4.90 Evilnat, an update to his popular Custom Firmware for PS3s based on the latest firmware 4.90. which was released only about a week ago.

What is CFW 4.90 Evilnat for PS3


Evilnat CFW is a Custom firmware for your PS3. It adds customization features to your hacked console.

A CFW adds multiple features for tinkerers, in addition to what a HEN provides.

In particular, Evilnat CFW includes the Cobra tool, which allow the following:

  • Region free BluRay
  • ISO mounting for BluRay/DVD/PS1/PS2/PS3*
  • Mounting ISOs and games over network
  • ISOs can be split and still mounted, to bypass FAT32 4GB file limit on USB
  • PS1 backup discs work just like retail discs
  • Launch any PSP ISO using the Cobra PSP Launcher (compatibility is not 100%)*
  • Launch PS2 ISOs on any console (HDD only, software emulator is not 100% compatible)
  • Never requires a real disc in drive
  • Boot Plugins (apps that run in the background on boot)
  • Dynamic firmware spoofing for mounted backups (apps don’t require updates for every firmware update)

More from the readme:


  • Made out of 4.90 OFW (CEX)
  • Ported Kernel and some modules from OFW 4.84 DEX
  • Made manually without automatic tools
  • PSN/SEN enabled
  • Fixed layouts 272/480 from OFW 4.90
  • Disabled deletion of unsigned act.dat and .rif files
  • Allowed unsigned act.dat and .rif files
  • Allowed running of unsigned applications
  • Compatibility with FSELF
  • C00 demo unlocker
  • Disabled LIC.EDAT license check
  • Can be installed over 3.55 OFW
  • Can be installed over +3.56 OFW (bguerville Toolset)
  • Can be installed over any CFW CEX
  • Cobra 8.4 added and enabled as default
  • Full PS2 Games Compatibility
  • Possibility of Downgrade from any CFW with active QA Flags
  • QA Flags active if previously enabled
  • Disabled Epilepsy Message on Boot
  • Compatibility with PSX/PSP/PS2 games in ISO
  • Compatibility with PS3 games in ISO/JB folder format
  • Compatibility with ReactPSN
  • Display of Temperatures in XMB In-Game on PS2 Games
  • RSOD Screen Bypass
  • BSOD Screen Bypass
  • PS3_GAME/app_home
  • XMB In-Game Screenshot
  • Added Package Manager
  • CoreOS Hash Check patched to prevent Brick on non-dehashed Downgradate consoles
  • Patched to remove LV2 Protection
  • Peek and Poke (LV2)
  • Peek and Poke (LV1)
  • CINAVIA protection disabled
  • Option to sort games by name and date
  • Allow to use 3rd party controller in Recovery Menu
  • Compatibility with OtherOS
  • Disabled update from OFW PUP in Recovery Mode
  • Dualboot compatible
  • Allowed installing of retail PKG on DEX
  • Allowed installing pseudo-retail PKG
  • Enabled [★Unlock], [★Lock], and [★Delete] options in Trophies
  • Compatibility with Remote Play


Cobra 8.4:

  • Failsafe Cobra stage2 (by bguerville/aldo)
  • Restore CFW Syscalls without reboot just entering to ‘Settings > System Update’ on XMB (by aldo)
  • Integrated Dynamic Control FAN (to control fan when webMAN is unloaded) (by aldo/Evilnat)
  • Support Photo GUI integration with webMAN MOD (mount games from ‘Photo’ column) (by aldo/DeViL303)
  • Get/Set FAN speed (by aldo)
  • Enable/disable features: Photo GUI, Restore Syscalls (by aldo)
  • Opcode to create CFW Syscalls (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 35) (by aldo)
  • Opcode to create license (RIF) (by Evilnat)
  • Updated ps3mapi_load_process_modules to load custom modules and system modules (by haxxxen)
  • Added ps3mapi_get_process_module_info
  • Increased from 24 to 32 the max number of map paths (by aldo)
  • Added sm_get_temperature patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
  • Added sm_get_fan_policy patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
  • Added sm_set_fan_policy patch in kernel (by Evilnat)
  • Fixed Control FAN payload, avoids loading previous mode (by Evilnat)
  • Disable stage2.bin while Recovery Menu is loaded (by haxxxen)
  • Fixed max FAN speed after shutdown (by Evilnat)
  • Fixed black screen in CFW2OFW converted games (by Evilnat)
  • Added sm_ring_buzzer with single_beep, double_beep and triple_beep (by Evilnat)
  • Skip license creation (rif) if it already exists (by aldo)
  • Opcode to toggle PS2 icon (ISOs/BIN.ENC) in XMB (by Evilnat)
  • Added cellFsMkdir symbol (by Evilnat)
  • Added constant FAN Speed while a PS2 ISO is launched (by Evilnat)
  • Creation of fake act.dat while launching a PSN game (by Evilnat)
  • Block Log In on PSN/SEN when CFW syscalls are enabled (by DeViL303)


Download and install/run CFW 4.90 Evilnat

You can download this release here.

For installation instructions and troubleshooting, head over to their support thread at psx-place.

Source: Evilnat