[Wii U scene] Aroma Beta-12 released

Released a new beta update of Aroma , the homebrew development environment for the Wii U console can be inserted into the “Health and safety notices” and automatically run on power up.



Aroma ‘s tools, modules and plugins are modular, which means that features can be easily added or removed.


This new version has been necessary to fix some bugs such as transferring Miis with a 3DS portable console, accessing games, crashes in the plugin menu and so on.

Also added a new option to hide all RPX files within the menu and a warning when Aroma is launched with a read-only SD card.


  • Compatibility with the latest firmware (5.5.5/5.5.6).
  • Free and persistent entrypoint (including an installer + cold boot option).
  • Compatible with existing entrypoints (browser exploits)
  • Easy installation and update: just copy the files to the SD card.
  • Built-in support for forms.
  • Integrated integration of the Wii U plugin system.
  • All modules and plugins use a separate memory heap to improve stability.
  • Plugins and homebrew applications can be used simultaneously.

These basic functionalities can be easily extended via plugins. The most common are:

More plugins will be added in the future, such as the ability to launch games from other regions (the most classic RegionFree), SDCafiine for game mods, screenshot plugins, and so on.

Also new is the “WUHB” format for homebrew, which bundles all the data needed for a homebrew application. These will appear directly in the Wii U menu (the format .elfis not supported by Aroma, in which case use Tiramisù).

If you want to switch from Tiramisu to Aroma just change the environment to ‘aroma’ after downloading and hold while the EnvironmentLoader is loading (usually when starting ‘Health and Safety Alerts’ or Wii U Coldboot) .

Quick installation

  • Download and extract the archive inside the SD card.
  • Run the environment via EnvironmentLoader. You may need to press and hold while starting EnvironmentLoader to force open the menu.



  • Fixed some rare cases where exiting an application would cause a crash.
  • Fixed accessing games via friends list.
  • Fixed possible crashes that could occur when navigating the WUPS configuration menu.
  • Fixed seeing all titles in the Daily Log (Wii U Menu save redirect is now supported in all apps, not just the Wii U Menu).
  • Fixed crash when inserting/removing SD card in applets while Wii U Menu is running.
  • Fixed connection to a 3DS in Mii Maker.

New features

  • Added support for uploading files .rplvia OSDynload_Acquirefrom SD card. OSDynload_Acquire("~/wiiu/libs/test.rpl", &handle)will attempt to load sd:/wiiu/libs/test.rpl.
  • Added an option to hide all files .rpxfrom the Wii U menu.
  • Added support for sd:/wiiu/apps/.ignorewhich can be used to hide homebrew apps from the Wii U menu.
  • Added an error notification when Aroma is launched with a write protected SD card.


  • Renamed the configuration item to “Hide all homebrew” if it doesn’t exist homebrew_launcher.wuhbon the SD card to avoid confusion about the existence of a homebrew launcher for Aroma.

Download: Aroma Wii U Beta 12b

Download: Source code Aroma Wii U Beta 12b

Source: twitter.com