[Wii U scene] Compat Title Installer v1.3 released

Published a new update for Compat Title Installer , the program allows us to easily install the Homebrew Channel of the Wii console from the Wii U menu , without using specific exploits.



Previously the Wuphax exploit was used , as is still the case if you continue to use Tiramisù , in fact Aroma does not allow you to run homebrew in ELF format.

So just download and copy the file compat_installer.rpxto the SD card which, through the Homebrew on Menu plugin included in Aroma , will be displayed in the Wii U menu, then press to start the installation, however the tool does not install the cIOS.


  • Fixed Aroma blocking.

Download: Compat Title Installer v1.3

Download: Source code Compat Title Installer v1.3

Source: wiidadatabase.de