The developer and hacker Cturt abandons the hacking scene of PlayStation consoles

The developer and hacker Cturt  announced his withdrawal from the scene on twitter, the abandonment comes following a series of unspecified reasons, even if it could be a joke in view of April Fool’s Day.


The tweet follows up on some articles published by the developer himself, such as the dlclose exploit performed through the port of the BadIRET exploit in 2015 that quickly led to the kernel of the PlayStation 4 console being hacked .


Much more recent is the FreeDVDBoot software exploit in 2020, an exploit for the DVD player of the PlayStation 2 console that allows you to burn your own homebrew games and run them on an unmodified console as if they were official discs.


Finally the most recent, the mast1c0re exploit , the first public exploit for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles targeting a game instead of a part of the operating system, making it the only one still unpatched on the latest firmware versions.