Homebrew App Store v2.3.2 Released for Switch and Wii U Consoles [Updated x1]

It’s been just over two years since the last update of the Homebrew App Store for Switch and Wii U consoles, since then developer vgmoose has been trying to further improve its download speed.


The graphic fronted allows us to view, manage and download homebrews with extreme simplicity, provided that we mount a Custom Firmware and have access to the homebrew loader on the Switch console.

Each program can be viewed with dedicated screens and with a list of all installed files. A QWERTY keyboard for searching is also displayed.

Key tones have also been added, while background music can now be replaced or permanently disabled via settings.

In the Wii U version, the program has been converted to WUHB format complete with an Aroma Ready category. Among other things, now the store no longer blocks on exit while the entire connection is now correctly protected via HTTPS connection.

Installation on Switch

To run this program, you need a Switch console with access to the Homebrew menu. This can be done on most Switch consoles manufactured before July 2018, check the serial number at ismyswitchpatched.com for compatibility .

Download and extract the archive switch-extracttosd.zipin sd:/switch/appstore/and run “HB App Store” from hbmenu. Once finished, you can press the or buttons to exit.

Installation on Wii U

To run this program, you need a modified Wii U console. This can be done on any console or firmware, but for a compatibility check anyway, see ismywiiupatched.com .

Download and extract the archive  wiiu-extracttosd.zipin sd:/wiiu/apps/appstore/and run “HB App Store” from Homebrew Launcher. Once finished, you can press the or buttons to exit.

If you’re using the Aroma beta, you can use the file .wuhbinstead .rpxto launch the app directly from the Wii U Main Menu instead of from HBL.

Personalized music

The “Now Playing” information is displayed in the user interface while the file background.mp3can be replaced and customized by the user.

Web and Desktop

Web browsers can download files from the Homebrew App Store at apps.fortheusers.org . Source code: hbas-frontend .

Desktop platforms (Windows, MacOS and Linux) can use the unofficial @LyfeOnEdge appstore or their alternative program: HBUpdater

Changelog v2.3.2

  • Fixes  #99 (“Most Recent” sort not working).
  • All changes in  2.3.1 :
    • Significantly faster download and extraction speeds.
    • View screenshot previews on the app install page.
    • Repo and edits to music on both platforms (see below).
    • Other fixes (see the 2.3.1 log below).


Note: There is a new Aroma-ready category for WUHB download on Wii U. As of right now, hb-appstore on Wii U is available as both WUHB and RPX. Both versions should be able to live side by side and function as intended in both Aroma and Tiramisu environments.


Repository Changes (2.3.1)

Default repository URLs are changed to new CDN URLs powered by bunny.net**

  • WiiU :wiiu.cdn.fortheusers.org/repo.json
  • Switches :switch.cdn.fortheusers.org/repo.json

Changelog v2.3.1

All platforms

  • Please use the full qwerty keyboard on the research/feedback pages.
  • App detail page changes:
    • View more screens when available.
    • List the files to install by pressing the button.
    • Change the uninstall button to , to avoid accidental clicks.
  • Faster zip extraction for large archives (thanks@Maschell!).
  • Allow music change by replacing background.mp3.
    • The MP3 title and artist are now displayed in the user interface.
  • Added SFX when moving cursor through menus.
  • Save and remember music/sfx switch setting.

Wii U specific

  • Compiled in both formats .wuhband .rpx.
    • New “Aroma-Ready” Sidebar Category Hosts .wuhbHomebrew*
  • Correctly implemented app exit via ProcUI (thanks again@Maschell!).
  • Music is played with higher quality and lower volume.
  • Use HTTPS for repository and enabled by default (Thanks@GaryOderNichts!).
  • Icon size matches the Switch build (doesn’t use HBL-style icons anymore).
  • Changed sidebar color from purple to blue.

Specific to Switch

  • Added background music (Slimers (TT)b cover by Drewinator4).
  • Music playback default to OFF.
    • Switching user gets angry when the speakers make noise.
  • Displays a warning if the user launches the program in Applet mode.
  • Changed sidebar color from gray to red.

Deposit management

  • Default Repository URLs are changed to new CDN URLs powered by bunny.net**
    • Switches:switch.cdn.fortheusers.org/repo.json
    • WiiU:wiiu.cdn.fortheusers.org/repo.json
  • Apps will now tend to use any resolution icon (not HBL/square/specific/etc..).
  • Banners will mostly be replaced by one or more screenshots where applicable.
    • On Wii U, Aroma compatible apps will display a warning at the banner location.

* When Aroma is out of beta, most of the current ELF/RPX apps will move to the “Legacy” category and the “Aroma-Ready” category apps will take the place of the usual categories.

** The file repos.jsonincluded in the archive will automatically overwrite and update existing users to these new repository URLs.

Download: Homebrew App Store v2.3.2

Source: wiidadatabase.de