Does the PicoFly modchip really cost $3???

The PicoFly modchip is about to revolutionize the Switch scene, but is it really only $3? Yes and no, it makes sense if you decide to buy the pieces on AliExpress, the Chinese e-commerce still provides for rather long shipping times.


On average, a product purchased on AliExpress could take even more than a month, so many users have decided to buy them at a higher price on Amazon, even if we are there on delivery times.

Meanwhile, many are trying to further simplify micro-welding, seven in all starting from the small RP2040 microcontroller board designed by Raspberry Pi.

At this point a member of the well-known gbatemp forum gave birth to Mcfly , a small barebones RP2040 board designed from the ground up to be compact, simple and thin.

Certainly the cost of the McFly could be high (let’s assume around 50 euros), instead buying the pieces to be assembled we’ll be around 18 euros or a little less.

So let’s summarize the requirements, for the small RP2040-Zero board , the SMD resistors and the Mosfet, the cost, calculator in hand, would be just 17.53 euros.

  • RP2040-Zero microcontroller (on aliexpress it costs just over 3 euros, but it takes a month or maybe more to arrive, alternatively on Amazon you can buy it for just over 11 euros). Links here
  • SMD resistors 47-50 ohm (for sale in 10 pieces on Amazon for 1 euro). Links here
  • Mosfet and/or cpu cables (sold on Amazon in packs of 10 pieces). Links here
  • A Switch console (obviously).
  • Thread (preferably in many colors to distinguish them).
  • 60 Watt soldering iron or better still a soldering station like this available on Amazon at a low price. Links here
  • Hot air gun for desoldering various unused components (often found on offer at Lidl, also for sale on Amazon). Links here
  • Firmware RP2040  (click the download button and remove the extension  .pdf from the end of the file name).
RP2040-Zero Based On Raspberry Pi... SMD RESISTORS 47 ohm (47R) Case: 1206 -... IRFHS8342TRPBF IRFHS8342TR IRFHS8342PBF... NAHKZNY Soldering Stations Station...
RP2040-Zero Based On Raspberry Pi… SMD RESISTORS 47 ohm (47R) Case: 1206 -… IRFHS8342TRPBF IRFHS8342TR IRFHS8342PBF… NAHKZNY Soldering Stations Station…
€11.95 EUR 1.00 €4.58 €39.99
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For its installation we recommend some videos on YouTube that explain in detail how and where to weld, even more than a thousand words.