Scene Switch] Hekate v6.0.3 & Nyx v1.5.3 released

Published a new update for Hekate , the bootloader developed by developer CTCaer for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles .


The update brought some more or less important fixes, even some 2019 Samsung T210B01 RAM chips can also be overclocked to 2133 MHz under Linux and Android.



  • Fully configurable and graphical with support for touchscreen and Joycon input.
  • Launcher style, background and color themes .
  • HOS Bootloader (Switch OS) — For CFW Sys/Emu, OFW Sys and Stock Sys.
  • Bootloaders for Android and Linux .
  • Starting the payload .
  • eMMC/emuMMC Backup/Restore Tools .
  • SD Card Partition Manager : Prepare and format SD card for any combination of HOS (Sys/emuMMC), Android and Linux.
  • emuMMC Creation & Manager : It can also migrate and fix existing emuMMC.
  • Change Android and Linux flasher .
  • USB Mass Storage (UMS) for SD/eMMC/emuMMC — Converts Switch into an SD card reader.
  • USB Gamepad — Converts Switch with Joycon into a USB HID Gamepad.
  • Information about hardware and peripherals (SoC, fuses, RAM, display, touch, eMMC, SD, battery, power supply, charger).
  • Many other tools like Archive Bit Fixer, Touch Calibration, SD/eMMC Benchmark, AutoRCM enabler and more.

The bootloader can be configured via the configuration file bootloader/hekate_ipl.ini(if present on the SD card). Each ini section represents a boot entry, except for the special ‘config’ section which controls global configuration.

There are four possible types of entries. ”  [ ]  “: Startup entry, ”  { }  “: Caption, ”  #  “: Comment, ”  newline “: .ini cosmetic newline. A template can be found at this address .


Hecate 6.0.3

  • Added mitigation for bad chainloaders leaving sd gpios bad.
  • L4T: Now some 2019 Samsung T210B01 RAM chips can be overclocked to 2133 MHz for Linux/Android.
  • L4T: Added a mandatory change to support DDR200 UHS SD bus speed for Linux/Android.
  • Fixed an edge case where if hekate was run and the rtc alarm was triggered after that, booting from HOS would shut down the device. Since the Switch was woken up via power or USB in that case, all flags are now cleared during HOS auto power off checks.
  • Various fixes and improvements.

Nyx 1.5.3

  • The SD Card/eMMC benchmark now hangs less between each read, in order to stress the cards more.
  • Various fixes and improvements.

BDK changes

  • GPIO: Reordered input/output function configuration to mitigate previous loader misconfigurations.
  • GPIO: Added a dobounce set function.
  • SDMMC: Added DDR200 UHS SD bus speed mode, capable of up to 200MB/s on the UHS-I bus.
    • This can be enabled with the compile time flag BDK_SDMMC_UHS_DDR200_SUPPORT.
  • SDMMC: Added correct DDR50 SD bus speed mode. Not used by default.
  • SDMCC: Fixed SD power limit setting order. According to the specifications, it only counts on SDR50 and above.
  • SDMMC: Fixed an issue with SD removal detection.
  • SDDMC: Added sdmmc driver set support.
  • SDMMC: Added debug print functions of all SD card registers (CID/CSD/SCR/SSR).
  • SDRAM: Added a feature to apply latency tolerance for SDMMC1 to eMMC values.
  • INPUT: Rearranged touchscreen power up to induce a small reset on boot.
  • UTILS: Removed rtc stop alarm from power management functions.

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Downloads: Hekate v6.0.3 & Nyx v1.5.3