Released PKHeX 23.04.06

Published a new update for PKHeX , the savegame editor written in C# for Windows PC, it supports the following savegames (main, *.sav*.dsv*.dat*.gci) and GameCube Memory Card files ( .raw.bin).


Exact usage of PKHeX may vary slightly depending on the game you are trying to hack, but much of the UI is the same across all games.

To edit Pokémon data in a save file, follow these steps, go to File-> Openand select the save you want to edit.

For a complete guide and more detailed instructions go to


  • Save file (“main”, *.sav*.dsv*.dat*.gci).
  • GameCube Memory Card save files ( .raw.bin) containing Pokémon GC saves.
  • Individual Pokémon entity files ( .pk*).
  • Mystery Gift files ( .pgt.pcd.pgf.wc*) including conversion to .pk*.
  • Import squads from decrypted 3D battle videos.
  • Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way.


  • Legality:
    • Changed: Region management of Vivillon 3DS has been reworked to handle all regions. Thanks @abcboy101 !
    • Fix: BDSP footprint tape now checks correctly.
    • Fix: Gen4 Pokéwalker course captures are now allowed for all versions.
  • Added: PKM editor now shows elemental type for moves.
  • Added: The PKM editor now shows the ribbon affixed (or if it can be affixed) in the cosmetics tab.
  • Added: Click on the affixed tape indicator to open the tape editor (same as the button).
  • Added: Click on a tape sprite in the tape editor to quickly pin it.
  • Added: SV Subscription Date can now be edited via the Block Editor. Thank you@foohyfooh!
  • Added: Added more Gen3 Mystery Gift API features. Thank you@Bl4ckSh4rk!
  • Fixed: Importing mystery gifts into the 11th slot of the SaveFile mystery gift list GUI now works as expected.
  • Fix: Gen4 Manaphy Egg now spawns correctly from the encounter database.
  • Fix: Gen4/5 Country/Region no longer throws an error for some countries.
  • Fix: Gen1/2 stats are now calculated correctly (perfect electron root).
  • Changed: Updated handling to properly generate and verify size of WC9 entities.
  • Changed: Additional performance improvements that reduce allocations.

PKHeX from the repository must be compiled, alternatively you can download the already compiled program from the site .

Download: Source code PKHeX 23.04.06