[PS3 Scene] DEX HFW 4.84.1 & DBHFW 4.84.2 Released for Testkit (DECH)

The developer Joonie takes the field again by publishing two hybrid versions of the 4.84 DEX firmware for PlayStation 3 consoles and for Testkit (DECH) .


The development of these two firmwares are being studied by developers who now intend to test HEN on firmware 4.84 DEX and Testkit. There does not seem to be any advantage in using them compared to installing a Custom Firmware.


The first firmware DEX HFW 4.84.1 can only be installed on True DECH units (Testkit), it cannot be used on retail units which are converted to DEX as there is a check in lv1ldr which blocks them.

The second DEX firmware DBHFW 4.84.2 can be installed on retail units converted to DEX (CEX2DEX), however there appears to be no benefit over converted units already running DEX Custom Firmware.

DEX HFW 4.84.1

  • HFW
  • v4.84 DEX
  • MD5: 353e6d931ef4c993dcb021825017113f
  • silk_webkit.sprx– Replaced with the exploitable one.
  • Only usable on True DECH units (test kits).
  • DO NOT use on retail units that are being converted to DEX as there is a control in lv1ldr that blocks retail units.

Downloads: DEX HFW 4.84.1

DEX DBHFW 4.84.2

  • v4.84 DEX
  • MD5: fd6fbed372fb989c6956955250696761
  • LV0
  • lv1ldr – ECDSA disabled and token checking disabled to prevent bricking on the converted console.
  • isoldr – ECDSA disabled.
  • spu_pkg_rvk_verifier – ECDSA disabled.
  • silk_webkit.sprx – Replaced with the exploitable one.

Downloads: DEX DBHFW 4.84.2

Source: psx-place.com