Released mGBA emulator v0.10.2

Published a new update for the mGBA emulator , the program allows us to emulate the ROMs of the  Game Boy ,  Game Boy Color  and  Game Boy Advance  on many platforms.



This new update aims to fix several bugs that could lead to crashes on very old graphics cards and flickering issues on Nvidia GPUs when using the OpenGL renderer.


  • Accurate Game Boy Advance hardware support.
  • Hardware support for Game Boy/Game Boy Color.
  • Fast emulation. Known to run at full speed even on low-end hardware, such as netbooks.
  • Qt and SDL ports for heavy and light frontend.
  • Support for local link cable (same computer).
  • Saving type detection, including for flash memory size.
  • Support for motion and rumble sensor cartridges (for use with game controllers only).
  • Real-time clock support, even without configuration.
  • Sun sensor support for Boktai games.
  • Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer support.
  • Integrated BIOS implementation and the ability to load external BIOS files.
  • Support for scripting via Lua.
  • Turbo/fast-forward support by holding Tab.
  • Rewind game by holding Backquote.
  • Frameskip, configurable up to 10.
  • Support for screenshots.
  • Cheat code support.
  • 9 save slots. Save states are also viewable as screenshots.
  • Video, GIF, WebP and APNG recording.
  • E-reader support.
  • Remappable controls for keyboards and gamepads.
  • Loading from ZIP and 7z files.
  • IPS, UPS and BPS patch support.
  • Game debugging via command line interface and GDB remote support, compatible with Ghidra and IDA Pro.
  • Configurable rewind emulation.
  • Support for loading and exporting GameShark snapshots and Action Replays.
  • Cores available for RetroArch/Libretro and OpenEmu.
  • Community-provided translations for several languages ​​via Weblate.
  • Many, many smaller things.

Mapper for Game Boy

The following mappators are fully supported:

  • MBC1.
  • MBC1M.
  • MBC2.
  • MBC3.
  • MBC3+RTC.
  • MBC30.
  • MBC5.
  • MBC5+Rumble.
  • MBC7.
  • Wisdom Tree (unlicensed).
  • NT “old type” 1 and 2 (unlicensed multicart).
  • NT “new type” (similar to unlicensed MBC5).
  • Pokémon Jade/Diamond (unlicensed).
  • Sachen MMC1 (unlicensed).

The following mappators are partially supported:

  • MBC6 (no flash memory write support).
  • MMM01.
  • Pocket Cams.
  • TAMA5 (RTC support incomplete).
  • HuC-1 (missing IR support).
  • HuC-3 (missing IR support).
  • Sachen MMC2 (no alternate cabling support).
  • BBD (missing logo change).
  • Hitek (missing logo change).
  • GGB-81 (missing logo change).
  • Li Cheng (missing logo change).

Planned features

  • Support cable link multiplayer network.
  • Dolphin/JOY bus connection cable support.
  • MP2k audio mixing, for higher quality sound than hardware.
  • Support for re-registration for tool-assist executions.
  • A complete debug suite.
  • Support wireless adapter.

Supported platforms

  • Windows 7 or newer.
  • OSX 10.9 (Maverick) or newer.
  • Linux operating systems.
  • FreeBSD.
  • Nintendo 3DS.
  • Nintendo Switch.
  • Wii.
  • Playstation Vita.

System requirements

The requirements are minimal. Any computer capable of running Windows Vista or later should be able to handle the emulation, support for OpenGL 1.1 or later is also required, with OpenGL 3.2 or later for advanced shaders and features.


The controls are configurable in the settings menu. Many game controllers should be automatically mapped by default. The default keyboard controls are as follows:


Emulation fixes

  • GBA Audio: Fix incorrect deserialization of GB audio logs (fixes  #2793 )
  • GBA Audio: Clears GBA audio status when disabled.
  • GBA Memory: Made VRAM access stalls only apply to BG RAM.
  • GBA override: Fix saving to PMD:RRT (JP) (fixes  #2862 )
  • GBA SIO: Fix SIOCNT SI pin value after plugging in player 2 (fixes  #2805 )
  • GBA SIO: Fix SIOCNT SI bit in normal mode not connected (fixes  #2810 )
  • GBA SIO: Unclocked normal mode transfers should not terminate (fixes #2811 )
  • GBA Timers: Cascade timers not popping up when disabled (fixes #2812 )
  • GBA Video: Fixed interpolation issues with OpenGL renderer.

More fixes

  • Core: Allow sending thread requests to a crashing core (fixes #2784 )
  • FFmpeg: Force lower sample rate for codecs that don’t support high rates (fixes  #2869 )
  • Qt: Fix crash when trying to use OpenGL 2.1 to 3.1 (fixes #2794 )
  • Qt: Disable sync when running script from main thread (fixes #2738 )
  • Qt: Correctly limit the number of connected players per platform (fixes #2807 )
  • Qt: Disable attempting to link between incompatible platforms (fixes #2702 )
  • Qt: Fix modifier key names in shortcut editor (fixes  #2817 )
  • Qt: Fix handful of edge cases with graphical viewers (fixes  #2827 )
  • Qt: Fixed full buffer rewind issue.
  • Qt: Fixed crash if loading a shader fails.
  • Qt: Fix black screen when starting a game (fixes  #2781 )
  • Qt: OSD fix on modern macOS (fixes  #2736 )
  • Qt: Fix mute menu option selected state on load (fixes  #2701 )
  • Qt: Removed OpenGL proxy thread and directly overrides SwapInterval.
  • Scripting: Fix receiving packets for client sockets.
  • Scripting: Fix empty receive calls returning an unknown error on Windows.
  • Scripting: Returning the correct callback ID from socket.add.
  • Vita: Fix broken mktime implementation in Vita SDK (fixes  #2876 )


  • Qt: Include QPA wayland in AppImage (fixes  #2796 )
  • Qt: Stop eating boolean action key events (fixes  #2636 )
  • Qt: Automatically change video file extension as appropriate.
  • Qt: Swap P1 and other player’s save if P1 loaded it first (closes  #2750 ).

Download:  mGBA Emulator v0.10.2 (3DS)

Download:  mGBA Emulator v0.10.2 (MacOS) ( osx )

Download:  mGBA Emulator v0.10.2 (Switch)

Download:  mGBA Emulator v0.10.2 (Ubuntu AppImage) ( Bionic ) focal ) jammy ) kinetic ) ( lunar )

Download:  mGBA Emulator v0.10.2 (PS Vita)

Download:  mGBA Emulator v0.10.2 (Wii)

Download:  mGBA Emulator v0.10.2 (Win32-Installer) Win32 ) Win64-Installer ) Win64 )

Download:  Source code mGBA v0.10.2