GameCube Backup Manager v2.6.1.9 released

Published a new update for GameCube Backup Manager , the program for Windows PCs allows us to convert ISO images to Nintendont format .



GameCube Backup Manager works with ISO and GCM format backups for Nintendo GameCube, allowing you to successfully transfer files to FAT32 and NTFS devices.

The program uses the library AutoUpdater.NET, a class library that allows .NET developers to easily add auto-update functionality to their classic desktop application projects.

Graphically it is very similar to the more popular Wii Backup Manager , which makes it easy to use.


  • Single or batch file transfer (from version or higher).
  • Reads ISO / GCM / NKit (ISO).
  • Write ISOs.
  • Running multiple instances of the program.
  • Upload the file wiitdb.xmlin the ‘Database’ tab.
  • Automatic update system.
  • Proxy system.
  • Cover Transfer (WiiFlow, WiiFlow Lite, WiiFlow Fusion).
  • Cover Transfer (USB Loader GX, USB Loader GX Tab MOD).
  • Transfer of games with the correct nomenclature (only game name+ID or ID). Available in “Install game (1:1)” mode using the commercial name via “wiitdb.xml”. The “Install game (Scrub)” mode uses the internal nomenclature provided by the developer, i.e. it does not use “wiitdb.xml”.
  • Game transfer via Scrub (GCReEx and DiscEx).
  • Deleting game files (Source and Destination).
  • View game information (region, publisher, genre, etc.). File ‘wiitdb.xml’ required.
  • Viewing ESRB ratings. File ‘wiitdb.xml’ required.
  • WiiTDB support for naming. File ‘wiitdb.xml’ required .
  • Improved GameCube ISO detection (70% accuracy) in “internal” (Standard) mode.
  • Improved GameCube ISO detection (100% accuracy) in “business” mode (GameTDB). File ‘wiitdb.xml’ required .
  • Global download of 3D discs and covers (for all games listed).
  • Individual download of covers for the selected game (Disc and 3D).
  • Transferring the game via XCopy (1:1 copies – Standard).
  • Download the ‘wiitdb.xml’ (GameTDB) file.
  • MD5 hash calculation.
  • MD5 hash calculation.
  • SHA-1 hash calculation.
  • Automatic creation of ‘games’ folder (if it doesn’t exist).
  • LOG system.
  • Multiple Languages ​​Supported:
    • Portuguese (Brazil).
    • English (US).
    • Spanish (Spain).
    • Korean (Korea).
  • More refined and functional graphical user interface (UI).


  • .NET Framework 4.6.
  • Microsoft Windows 64 bit (32 bit not supported!).



  • [Added] 2D and Full cover downloads.
  • [Fixed] Deleting games on the target drive no longer crashes (has been interrupted for too long).
  • [Added].CISO Basic support , only 1:1 is supported. During installation, if scrub is used and the current game being installed is a CISO, it will copy 1:1 instead.

This program works only on 64-bit Microsoft Windows systems (tested on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)! Depending on your Windows settings, you may need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6, you can download .NET Framework via one of the links below:

Microsoft (official link):
MEGA (Backup):

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Download: GCBM v2.6.1.9

Download: GameCube Backup Manager v2.6.1.9

Download: Source code GameCube Backup Manager v2.6.1.9