[PSX/PS2 scene] Tonyhax International v1.2.2i released

Released a new update for Tonyhax International , the fork of Tonyhax , and backup loader exploits an exploit in Tony Hawk  ‘  s Pro Skater 2  and  Pro Skater 3 game saves .



This new version makes the program much more similar to how the real PSX BIOS launches games while also fixing all the most known problems with launching games via the GameShark Code method.

Also fixed another issue that affected launching games via Flashed Cheat Cart and GameShark Code in a certain way .

Features compared to the original version of TonyHAX

  • It supports all PS1 consoles (Japanese, American, European, SCPH-1000-SCPH-102) and early PS2 consoles (Japanese, American, European, SCPH-10000-SCPH-39004).
  • There are other rescue exploits available.
  • You can flash Tonyhax International’s backup/import loader onto a GameShark/Action Reply/cheat cartridge. Whenever the flash cartridge is plugged into the back of a PS1 SCPH-1000-SCPH-7502 console when turning it on, Tonyhax International launches instead of the shell/BIOS program (Sony displays/CD player/memory card manager).
  • Use the latest FreePSXBoot exploit/patch methods to disable FreePSXBoot memory cards booting Tonyhax International after the FreePSXBoot exploit starts loader from memory card on all BIOS versions.
  • Fully automated source test/build/development script suite that supports building Tonyhax International on virtually any *nix operating system.

Tonyhax International also includes a completely new system to bypass additional anti-piracy copy protection routines found in some later PSX games and which works on all consoles, including Japanese ones.

This build replaced the older BIOS patch made by Socram8888 . This improves Tonyhax International by giving it the ability to play many more games than ever before, and makes for just as good support on Japanese consoles.

There is also a new method that allows you to implement the gameshark codes in Tonyhax International, while the loader has obtained optimizations for size and speed.


The Tonyhax International loader is the program that runs on any PS1 console or an older PS2 that allows the use of backup CD-Rs or the import of PS1 discs.

The loader can be run on the PS1 with a GameShark/cheat cartridge, flash memory card, save exploit or CD-R.

Provides the ability to play backup and import discs correctly on all PS1 consoles and early PS2 consoles (Japanese, US and PAL models SCPH-10000-SCPH-39004).

If you’re using a Japanese console, at least one genuine NTSC-J Japanese PS1 game disc is required (any officially licensed Japanese PS1 disc will do).

If you are using a Japanese PS2 console (SCPH-10000-SCPH-3900) a Swap Magic tool is also required. None of these are required if you are using an American or European PS1/PS2 console.

For complete instructions with images follow the tutorial inside the official repository .


  • Loader Tonyhax International now runs SetMemSize(8)SysInitMemory (0xA000E000, 0x2000)and InitDefInt(3). This makes it much more like how the real PSX BIOS launches games and fixes all known problems with launching games via the GameShark Code method .
  • Fixed a race issue that rarely affected launching games via Flashed Cheat Cart and GameShark Code . The problem was that sometimes the console BIOS was executing CD commands before booting the ROM too close to when Tonyhax International called the first CD INIT on boot. This problem could also occur in GSHAX, when a game would send CD commands right before the GSHAX exploit fired and thus started the Tonyhax International loader. The problem previously manifested itself as stuck forever on first text Initializing CD.
  • Updated GSHAX Tool to version 2.0.1, which automatically calculates the MIPS assembly binary offset during code generation at compile time.
  • Fixed an issue with the script build.shdue to missing template folders in the directory gshaxsince the last update.
  • Improved documentation.

Download: Tonyhax International v1.2.2i

Download: Source code Tonyhax International v1.2.2i

Source: alex-free.github.io