[Wii U Scene] UWUVCI AIO WPF v3.99.9.1 (3.FF) Released

Published a new update for  UWUVCI AIO WPF (acronym of Ultimate Wii U VC Injector ), the All in One tool for Windows PC allows us to inject ROM images of different game consoles inside the Wii U Virtual Console.


Some systems still support additional patches, such as removing the dark filter for N64 games, enabling widescreen, or a pixel-perfect mode.

There is also an online guide, which can be accessed from the PC web browser at this address or by pressing the button in the Inject configuration window.


Note: Super FX games (such as StarFox/2) and enhanced games on DSi (such as Pokemon Black) will not be playable.


Supported systems

  • DS
  • GBA extension
  • N64
  • Snes
  • Nes
  • Turbo Graphx
  • MSX extension
  • Wii
  • GCN extension

Note: To make GBA Injects pokemon games work, choose the PokéPatch setting .

Changelog v3.99.9.1

  • Restores help and image functionality.
  • @ZestyTS in  #49

Changelog v3.99.9

  • This is the final release of UWUVCI 3, it takes all the changes in 3.99+ and puts them into 3.0.3 without the speed improvements, removal of the support added in 3.99+ for Wine, and without moving to .Net 6.
  • @ZestyTS in  #49

Changelog v3.99.2

Changelog v3.99.1

  • Removed speed optimizations for download, some people were getting errors while downloading due to this.
  • Reintroduced CNUSPacker as a DLL.
  • Reintroduced x64.
  • Reintroduced partial support for Wine.

Changelog v3.99.0.1

  • Issues with OS compatibility (????) for Injects using exe have been fixed.
  • NDS will correctly name the used rom which will fix the injection.
  • Fixed WUP Installable using an older version of Packing Tool as a hotfix.
  • Ancast will be archived and used sometimes (limited functionality).
  • The “Check for Update” button has been fixed.

Changelog v3.99.0

  • TGA files will no longer automatically be pulled from the repository, but the user will be linked to where to download them.
  • Fixed a zip bug affecting Win7/Win8 users.
  • Rewritten some sections for better optimization and partial WINE support.
  • Rewrote most of the code to be asynchronous so that the program doesn’t behave as if it is frozen.
  • Added C2W support for Wii.
  • When using the image maker with a name that has Japanese text, the rest of the text will also be in Japanese.
  • Project converted to work in x64.
  • Tons of speed improvements/optimizations.
  • ReadMe has been redone and includes the FAQ.

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Download: UWUVCI AIO WPF v3.99.9.1

Download: Source code UWUVCI AIO WPF v3.99.9.1

Source: github.com