[Scene Switch] Tesla Menu v1.2.2 released

Released a new update for Tesla Menu , the equivalent of hbmenu , is the first instruction that nx-ovlloader loads and acts as a hub for selecting all other overlays.


The main purpose of Tesla Menu is to allow the user to select other overlays to load. The default directory for overlays is  where only the files (old files renamed to to differentiate them from normal homebrew) /switch/.overlaysare uploaded ..ovl.nro.ovl

How do I use it?

  • First, download the latest version of nx-ovlloader and Tesla menu from the GitHub release page and extract them both to your SD card.
  • After a restart, simultaneously hold and and press to bring up Tesla at any time. Navigation works like pictures.
  • Similar to regular homebrews, upload the files .ovlto the SD card folder /switch/.overlays.


  • Updated to the latest libtesla library to add compatibility with firmware version 16.0.0+.

I notify

  • Overlays take up a lot of space, so nx-ovlloader reserves 6MB. 2MB for framebuffer and about 4MB for overlay developers to use in their overlays.

Download: Tesla Menu v1.2.2

Download: Source code Tesla Menu v1.2.2

Source: gbatemp.net