[PS Vita scene] RetroFlow-Launcher v6.1.0 released

Published a quick update for RetroFlow-Launcher after the last major release 6.0.0 which saw support for the new ScummVM , PICO-8 and PlayStation Mobile systems .



RetroFlow-Launcher includes categories for retro games that can be launched through the RetroArch frontend and DaedalusX64 emulator , without having to create bubbles for each game.


Launching a game or app from RetroFlow Launcher will automatically close the launcher without prompting. Sadly, as highlighted by the developer, this may be the latest, if not one of the latest releases released.


  • No need to make bubbles for games.
  • Added retro game categories.
  • Create your own categories (Collections).
  • Favorite games category.
  • Recently played category.
  • Ability to search for games.
  • Ability to rename games.
  • Support for game wallpaper images.
  • Support for multiple music tracks.
  • Support for multiple wallpapers.
  • Load from cache for faster startup.
  • File browser added to set game directories.
  • Smooth scrolling of game covers.
  • Fully translated.

Supported systems

Other systems supported

  • Mobile Playstation. NEW!!
  • PC Engine.
  • PC Engine CD.
  • TurboGrafx-16.
  • TurboGrafx-CD.
  • MAME 2000.
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color.
  • ScummVM. NEW!!
  • PICO-8. NEW!!


Note: DaedalusX64 is required for N64 games. RetroArch is required for other retro systems.


Installation and configuration

  • Download and install RetroFlow-Launcher.
  • Also download and install “RetroFlow Adrenaline launcher”.
  • “RetroFlow-Launcher” is the app you will use to browse games. ‘RetroFlow Adrenaline launcher’ is required for launching Playstation and PSP games.

Install all other necessary apps

  • Adrenaline is required for Playstation and PSP games.
  • DaedalusX64  is required for N64 games.
  • RetroArch  is required for other retro systems.
  • Flycast  is required to play Dreamcast games. See also compatibility list  as not all games are playable yet.
  • FAKE-08  is required for PICO-8 games.
  • ScummVM  is required for ScummVM games.


Important: If Adrenaline games do not launch after setup is complete, please install Adrenaline Bubble Manager . Or try installing AdrBubbleBooterInstaller .


Check that the PS1 and PSP images are in the correct Adrenaline folders

  • PS1 and PSP games with eboot files should be saved here: ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/.
  • PSP ISO and CSO games should be saved here: ux0:pspemu/ISO/.
  • uma0The , ur0imc0and partitions are also supported xmc0.
  • The partition used for Adrenaline will also need to be selected in the “Scan Settings” in RetroFlow.
  • Tip:  PS1 games can also be launched using RetroArch, which is useful for games that don’t play well in Adrenaline.

Add retro games to RetroFlow

For best results, it is recommended that you name your games using the file naming convention  without introduction, such as “Game Name (USA)”, these names are used to download the corresponding cover images.

Option 1: Use the default folders

  • Start RetroFlow for the first time, RetroFlow will create folders where you can save your games.
  • Once the upload is finished; Close RetroFlow and copy or move your favorite retro games to their game subfolders here:ux0:/data/RetroFlow/ROMS/

Option 2 – Use your game folders

  • If you don’t want to save your games in RetroFlow’s data folder, you can use your own directories.
  • Go to “Scan Settings” and then “Change Game Directory” to change the location of game folders.
  • When done, select “Rescan” to find the games.

Disc based games

  • PC Engine CD and TurboGrafx-CD: RetroFlow will look for ‘.cue’ files for these CD systems. Make sure all games are free with system rom folder with .cue.
  • Dreamcast: ‘.gdi’ and ‘.cdi’ games are supported.
  • PS1 using RetroArch: Will use the “PCSX ReARMed” core, read more about supported extensions here: https://docs.libretro.com/library/pcsx_rearmed/

Rescan to find your games

  • Press ‘Start’ and go to ‘Scan Settings’, select the Adrenaline location and, if you are using custom game folders, select those as well, then select ‘Rescan’.
  • Retro games should now appear when restarting the app.
  • “Startup Scan” can be turned off once you finish adding games, the app will launch faster when it is turned off.

Download covers and wallpapers

  • To download cover images, press , go to “Artwork”, then choose the covers or wallpapers you want to download.
  • From version 5 onwards it is also possible to extract background images for PSP games from PSP iso files.


Navigate through the library using the  ,  buttons  or the touch screen (on PlayStation Vita).

  •   Switch to recently played/favorites category or filter categories to only show collections.
  •  e     Skip 5 items.
  •     Select or launch game/app.
  •   Change category.
  •   Game Details/Game Options Menu/About.
  •     Change view or cancel.
  •     Settings menu
  •   Search.
  •     Go back one category.
  •   Skip games in alphabetical order.


Please consult the FAQ page before posting an issue.


Adding custom game covers and backgrounds


  • Custom covers can be saved in game folders here:  ux0:/data/RetroFlow/COVERS/.


  • Custom game backgrounds can be saved in game folders here:  ux0:/data/RetroFlow/BACKGROUNDS/.


  • For Vita, PSP, PSX, and Homebrew games, the cover image file name must match  the Game ID  or  Game Name  of each app.
  • For retro games, the cover image name must match the  game name , such as “Game Name (USA).png”.

Image format

  • Cover and background images must be in  png format .

Adding custom backgrounds and music


  • You can add as many wallpapers as you like by saving them here:  ux0:/data/RetroFlow/WALLPAPER/.
  • Images must be in .jpgor format .png, the recommended size is 960px x 544px.
  • Some custom backgrounds are available  HERE . You can change the wallpaper within the app by going to the settings menu > theme > wallpaper. customized.

Personalized music

  • Songs can be added to: ux0:/data/RetroFlow/MUSIC/.
  • Music must be in  .ogg.



  • Added two new game views: a ‘List View’ and a ‘Side Scroll View’, both are 2D views using scaled images rather than 3D models. Screenshots  here .
  • When using List view, press the right d-pad to navigate to the Recently Played/Favorites category or filter categories to only show collections.
  • Added more background images for wallpaper, credit to Tech & ALL .


  • Default colors and background changed to neutral grays.
  • Analog scrolling added to menus.
  • Added CHD extension support for RetroArch PS1 core.
  • Improved background image resizing, thanks to Axce.
  • Fixed background image position for one of the game views, thanks to Axce.
  • Polish translations are improved, thanks to SK00RUPA.


  • Fixed an issue where homebrew would be imported when using the Favorites feature.
  • Fixed an issue where some PS1 RetroArch games would import twice, with the second one appearing as “Eboot” in the game list.


Note: This may be the last, if not one of the last releases, and it’s been fun working on the app, but its journey is coming to an end.


Download: RetroFlow Adrenaline Launcher v3

Download: RetroFlow v6.1.0

Download: Source code RetroFlow v6.1.0

Source: twitter.com