[Wii U scene] de_Fuse iosuhax released

Developer shinyquagsire23 combines development of the de_Fuse modchip with iosuhax , a set of patches for IOSU that provides extra functionality resulting in de_Fuse iosuhax .


The project has received a complete refactoring of the code, as well as being rewritten in C, thanks to the implementation of IOSUHAX it now also presents a possible system of modules/plugins on the IOS side, among other things Aroma can now be run without problems .


The entire code is also based on SaltyNX and works mostly the same way, bootstrapper runs before the kernel while memory is trimmed from the ramdisk so all the old mocha/cowboy patches stuck between IOS segments don’t interfere.

Notable additional features (see also: config.s):

  • de_Fuse support: Redirect all OTP reads to RAM. Requires minute_minute to correct the data.
  • Upload fw.imgdecrypted to IOSU.
  • IOSU reloads steps in minutes to make patching easier.
    • salt-patch can generate patches that go beyond the SLC fw.img.
  • Loading file kernel.imgfrom sdcard.
  • SEEPROM writes are disabled (for safety).
  • MLC RedNAND Acceleration: Move MLC cache (SCFM) to SLCCMPT.
  • Semihosting hooks — print kprintf and syslogs to GPIO DEBUG.
  • Disable disk drive (without writing SEEPROM).
  • USB_SHRINKSHIFT– Allows you to have both the Wii U filesystem and a normal filesystem on one drive by moving the Wii U portion after the MBR.
  • USB_SEED_SWAP— Overwrite the SEEPROM USB stick to allow for easier system migration.

Work in Progress

  • vWii de_Fuse support.


  • RedNAND formatting is different, use minute to format.
  • If you have existing USB drives, turn them off USB_SHRINKSHIFT.
  • PRINT_FSAOPENit’s useful, but extremely slow.
  • This was only tested on 5.5.1 fw.img, after that I haven’t ported to anything.

Download: Source code de_Fuse iosuhax

Source: twitter.com