[PS Vita scene] HexLauncher Custom v2.1 released

Released a quick update for HexLauncher Custom , the heavily modified HexFlow Launcher and 3D UI backup manager for PlayStation Vita  and  PlayStation TV consoles .



HexLauncher Custom supports many customization options such as custom covers and backgrounds. It also includes a heavily modified version of RetroFlow , the app that allows you to launch retro games.

RetroFlow can be activated from the settings, features all categories of the standalone 6.0 version, except PSM , ScummVM , MAME/MAME+ , NeoGeo and FBA, while introducing new ones such as RetroArch PS1 , Pico-8 and Dreamcast .

If this is your first time using RetroFlow, it is recommended that you install the latest current version of RetroFlow , run it at least once, and follow its installation instructions.


Note: This app uses Adrenaline Manager instead of RetroFlow’s Adrenaline Launcher, this is because many people have reported problems with Adrenaline Launcher.


Custom covers

Place custom covers within the directory ux0:/data/HexFlow/COVERS/PSVITA/and the like. If RetroFlow is enabled, Retro covers will be found in ux0:/data/RetroFlow/COVERS/.

The cover images must be in the format .pngand the file name must correspond to the Title ID of the app or the app name of each app (recommended resolution 256x256px). Cover image example

Download covers and wallpapers

From version 0.3 the covers can be downloaded automatically from the settings menu ( button ), while it is possible to download covers and wallpapers manually from the link below.


Custom background

Place the image Background.png or  Background.jpgwithin the directory ux0:/data/HexFlow/(recommended resolution 1280x720px or lower).

Some custom backgrounds are available  HERE . From version 0.9 and higher, these sample custom backgrounds are included by default.

If RetroFlow is enabled, special backgrounds for RetroFlow entries can be downloaded individually from the triangle menu and can be found at ux0:/data/RetroFlow/BACKGROUNDS/.

Custom category

From version 0.6 and later, it is possible to use the file  applist.datpresent in the directory ux0:data/HexFlow/by renaming it to customsort.dat.

The edited file will generate a fifth category – “Custom” where you can enter your favorite games or rearrange them within Vitashell or on your PC in a Unix compatible text editor like gVim Easy.

Windows Notepad will not work. This can be used for real apps, for example, to create a “utility” category, however it does not currently support RetroFlow entries.

Personalized music

Place the file Music.oggor Music.mp3within the directory ux0:data/HexFlow/(the music will play automatically when the “Sounds” option is enabled).


If you want HexFlow Launcher to run automatically when you turn on your PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV , you can install and use developer Renegade ‘s AutoBoot plugin .

The plugin also makes itself available in Autoplugin II, however some people recommend not using autoplugin. Once you’ve installed and restarted the console, you can edit the file that should be there after the restart:ux0:data/AutoBoot/boot.cfg

Inside the file boot.cfg, type the text “HXLC00001” without quotes.


Navigate through the library using the , buttons or the touch screen (on PlayStation Vita).

  •   Skip 5 items.
  •  +  and  –  Skip alphabetically.
  •     Select or launch game/app.
  •     Change category.
  •  –  Game details.
  •     Change view or cancel.
  •     Settings menu.
  •   Access the SwitchView user interface menu.

Note: In version 1.0 and later, and can be used to access the SwitchView user interface menu or to switch categories if one of these options is enabled in the Settings menu.



Quick Overview: RetroFlow (enabled in settings), SwitchView/GridView (enabled in settings), JIT rolling cache, 8 wallpapers, 10 languages.

  • Added button swap option and for Japanese users, credits to yzzyx network .
  • Added a rather simple automatic language detector. If it detects Japanese when first launching HexFlow Custom, it will set “swap X/O” to “ON”
  • Fixed a bug where the app could crash while using Grid View, referencing an unused image.
  • Fixed an issue where it delayed the first launch after resetting “Recently Played: ON/OFF”.
  • Fixed strange flickering that sometimes occurred when exiting the triangle menu.
  • Fixed a glitch in the grid view where if you were in a category with more than 4 rows with the camera down and you were currently in the next to last row and you pressed right, the camera would incorrectly move to the center.
  • Fixed where RetroFlow entries were showing as “homebrew” in the triangle menu. It also made sure that a PS1 Retroarch game now gets tagged respectively.
  • Cleaned up many code comments from version 2.0.


Note: Originally this was supposed to be a bigger and more time consuming update (with features like more languages ​​and implementing “collections” similar to the current RetroFlow), but this update was rushed due to a really cool pull request by user “yzzyx-network” as well as kind of important bug fixes for Grid View.


Download: HexLauncher Custom v2.1

Download: index.lua

Download: Source code HexLauncher Custom v2.1

Source: github.com