[Wii U Scene] TeconMoon’s WiiVC Injector v3.0.17 Released

Published a new update for TeconMoon’s WiiVC Injector , the tool allows us to inject the ISO of the Wii console  and the GameCube inside the Virtual Console on  Wii U .



The tool greatly facilitates the construction of these VC packages containing Wii games in ISO format, Wii homebrew applications and GameCube games, the files once packaged can be loaded through the WUP Installer GX2 application .

The update brings a new settings screen where you can change the URL address of the repository containing the banners.

If no banner is found within the default repository, the tool will try to search for alternative images. By the way now the game name is obtained from GameTDB and also put in the output folder name.

Minimum requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher.
  • .NET Framework v4.6.1 (Windows 8 and Windows 10 will also need .NET Framework 3.5).

Supported injection types

  • Wii Retail Injection (ISO/WBFS).
  • Wii Homebrew Injection (DOL).
  • GC Retail Injection (ISO/GCM) – Multi-disc games supported.
  • vWii NAND Title Launcher (specify the title ID of the installed WAD you want to launch).


  • Complete graphical interface with the possibility of being able to select real files, and without having to specify specific files and renamed in different ways in folders.
  • Download game icons and banners directly from a repository maintained by @cucholix (or you can also manually provide your own files).
  • Custom support for GamePad banners and logo.
  • Preview boxes for all icons, banners and logos.
  • Custom Boot audio support (looped).
  • Multi-line game title support (as displayed on the Wii U menu).
  • Wii U title addresses generated based on the game’s internal title ID, NOT randomly generated. Generated title IDs will never override a legitimate title.
  • GamePad Emulation Mode (Extra Modes applicable to Wii Retail/vWii NAND launch titles only)
    • No GamePad emulation, just Wii Remote.
    • Classic controller emulation.
    • Vertical emulation of the Wii Remote.
    • Horizontal emulation of the Wii Remote.
    • Force Classic Controller Connected (Wii games will automatically be patched to support this feature when installed on vWii).
    • WAD files still need to be patched before being installed in vWii).
    • Force No Classic Controller (very limited use cases).
    • Swap L & R buttons for ZL & ZR.
  • Nintendont SD Card Management Menu
    • Download the latest version of Nintendont from GitHub.
    • Generate the Nintendont Config file (nincfg.bin).

Advanced options

Warning: Modifying the options could compromise the functioning of the application, only for expert users.

  • Nintendont Options
    • Force 4:3 for GameCube games (disables the “Force Widescreen” and “WiiU Widescreen” options even if they are specified in the configuration file).
    • Specify a custom Nintendont Forwarder (if building a custom main.dol from source).
    • Disable Autoboot (The Nintendont menu is displayed instead of auto-running the game).
  • Wii Homebrew Patches
    • Disable Remote Passthrough on Wii in GamePad mode.
    • Does not use the GamePad as a controller (does not require use, also applicable to GameCube titles).
    • Enable cafe2wii patch (requires STARBUCK ANCAST keys for Wii U, NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE).
  • Wii Retail Injection
    • Doesn’t clip game output (game won’t be re-packaged with WIT, useful for problematic games when clipped).
    • Patch video modes using Wii-VMC (useful for exclusive PAL games that don’t support NTSC video modes or vice versa).
  • vWii NAND Title Launcher Patch
    • Force 4:3 for WiiWare that doesn’t support the widescreen feature (such as Virtual Console titles).

More Perks

  • Once you specify the keys, they are saved in the registry so you don’t have to re-specify the keys every time a new version is released (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\WiiVCInjector)
  • Once you download the core files with JNUSTool, they are saved in ProgramData so you don’t need to remount every time a new version is released (C:\ProgramData\JNUSToolDownloads)

Noob protection

  • Header controls for Wii/GameCube.
  • On-the-fly image conversion for a variety of image types.
  • Check the header of audio files.
  • Conditional flags for building titles.
  • Non-applicable options are disabled.


  • New settings screen with banner repository and corrected output folder.

Download:  TeconMoon’s WiiVC Injector v3.0.17

Download:  Source code TeconMoon’s WiiVC Injector v3.0.17

Source: wiidadatabase.de