[PS Vita scene] ViTesIn v1.0 released

The developer isage takes the field again by publishing a new app for the PlayStation Vita console which, once installed, will allow us to test the inputs.


The app supports several additional controllers and buttons (both shoulder and stick and ) on external controllers.


Through this app, you can perform tests for both the touch screen (front and rear) as well as the gyroscope and accelerometer. Additionally, tests can also be performed for vibration on external controllers and LEDs.


  • Support for multiple controllers.
  • Support for additional buttons ) on external controllers.
  • Touch test (front/back).
  • Gyroscope/accelerometer test.
  • Rumble test on external controllers (press ).
  • Test led on external controllers (with the left stick).

Download: vitesin v1.0

Download: Source code vitesin v1.0

Source: reddit.com