MAME emulator v0.255 released

Published a new update for MAME (acronym of M ultiple Arcade M achine Emulator ), the program allows us to emulate various Arcade game platforms on Windows PC, MacOS and Linux .



The purpose of this emulation is to document the functioning of arcade coin-ops, preserving the history of video games over time.

One of the more interesting features would be the MP3 audio support for Namco System 10 . This means that games like Golgo 13: Juusei no Requiem , Seishun Quiz Colorful High School and Nice Tsukkomi would now be fully playable, complete with the original soundtrack faithfully reproduced.

Also now Point Blank 3 , Gunbalina and the later version of Gamshara work correctly.

Rhythm game lovers will be thrilled to hear that more than half a dozen Pop’n Music titles have been added to this release, while many LCD and LED games have also been introduced, including two games, Konami ‘s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Super Goal Keeper by Tronica and two sports titles by Tomy .

The Omron workstations Luna 88K and Luna 88K² , based on the Motorola 88100 CPU , now work correctly, while support has been added for Psion HC 100 handheld computers from the early 1990s, used as portable data collection terminals.

The list of devices compatible with the ZX Spectrum heirs continues to grow, with the addition of the Sprinter Sp2000 this month.

If you want to know in detail all the changes made in this new version and with many software list updates, newly downloaded bootlegs, bug fixes and other improvements, you can view the complete changelog in the WhatsNew.txt file .

Download: Mame v0.255b (Win x64)

Download: Mame v0.255lx (xml)

Download: Mame v0.255s (Self Extracting)

Download: Mame v0.255 (Linux and MacOS)