[PS4 Scene] GoldHEN Cheats Manager v1.1.0 Released

Published a new update for GoldHEN Cheats Manager , the tool developed by the developer Bucanero , as well as allowing us to select tricks to cheat on the games of the PlayStation 4 console , it allows us to directly apply the patches created by the developer illusion0002 .



GoldHEN Cheats Manager bears some similarities to the older Artemis on PlayStation 3 consoles . Just like Artemis , it requires no complex configuration and can be installed on the PlayStation 4 console by downloading and installing the PKG file.


On first launch, the application takes care of automatically detecting and configuring all the necessary settings. This simplifies the use of the tool and allows users to quickly access the cheats and patches available for PlayStation 4 games .

This new update introduces several features to improve the user experience. An option to delete patch settings is now available, allowing users to restore default settings or delete unwanted patches.

Also added support for masked pattern patches for filtering, allowing users to apply specific patches to certain parts of a game.

Also introduced a new update menu that offers different options for updating cheats and patches. Users will now be able to directly update cheats from the web, HDD (internal hard drive) or USB devices.

The same goes for patches, which can be updated from the web, HDD (internal hard drive), or USB devices.

Finally, support has been added for backing up local cheat files and patch files in an .zipHDD or USB format. This allows users to create a backup copy of their custom cheats and patches, which can be useful for archiving or sharing purposes.


  • Move and to select the cheat file you want to view and press the button . The cheat list screen will show the cheats available for the game.
  • To view the article details, press . The context menu will open on the screen. Press the button to return to the list.
  • To reload the list, press .
  • Press the activation buttons or to move pages up or down.

Online databases

The application also provides direct access to the Online Cheat database , GoldHEN’s official cheat repository for PlayStation 4 games.



  • Option to delete patch settings.
  • Support for masked pattern patches for filtering.
  • New upgrade menu:
    • Update cheats from web, HDD, USB (@illusion0001).
    • Update patches from web, HDD, USB.
    • Backup your local cheat files to .zip(HDD/USB).
    • Backup local patch files to .zip(HDD/USB).


  • Includes the latest cheat + official patch pack (2023-06-01).

Download: GoldHEN Cheats Manager v1.1.0

Download: Source code GoldHEN Cheats Manager v1.1.0

Source: github.com