RPCS3 emulator v0.0.28 Alpha released

Published a new update for the RPCS3 emulator , the program allows us to run the entire catalog of the PlayStation 3 console on Windows PC, MacOS and Linux.



RPCS3  began development in early 2011 by a small team of programmers led by  DH  and  Hykem , currently supports modern DirectX 12, Vulkan and OpenGL renderers. To date, the development is followed by the developer  Nekotekina together with other collaborators.


One of the most notable aspects of the recent changes has been the implementation of deferred GPU write buffer allocations.

This innovation allows for a significant optimization of performance, allowing the emulator to better manage the flow of graphics data and reduce possible slowdowns during the game.

Problems installing packages also now return corrected errors in case of installation problems, simplifying the configuration and troubleshooting process.

Also improved several areas of the emulator. Among these, we can mention random improvements in the microphone handling of the Cell system, bug fixes related to the WolfSSL connection and the mounting of non-existent paths, as well as efforts to fix RPCS3 compatibility with Linux.

Updates and optimizations that have also affected the key libraries used by the software. The LLVM, Vulkan and Qt libraries have all undergone modifications to ensure optimal operation of the emulator.

Ultimately the Gran Turismo games on RPCS3 have seen improvements in stability, although they still have graphics and performance issues. However, with a high-end PC and following the dedicated wiki page, it is possible to get a good gaming experience.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, specific improvements have been made to several features of RPCS3. These include optimizing notification handling, implementing more reliable trophy tracking, and other improvements to improve the overall gaming experience.


If you run the emulator in Windows, just drag the updated executable to the root directory of the  RPCS3 folder . New DLLs may be added or changed from time to time, be sure to copy these files as well if necessary.

If instead you run the emulator in Linux, you need to download the updated AppImage and make it executable with the command  chmod a+x ./rpcs3-*_linux64.AppImage.


Since this is an emulator in continuous development, the system requirements may vary from version to version.

However, the minimum system requirements that must be met for the emulator to work properly on any system have been reported.

Minimum Recommended
Processor AMD – 6 cores and 12 threads, 8 cores or more
AMD Zen 2 architecture or newer AMD Threadripper 1000 and 2000 series are not recommended

Intel: 6 cores and 12 threads, 8 cores or more
Intel Skylake architecture or newer

AMD – Any x64 CPUs
CPUs without AVX2 and with fewer than 4 cores and 8 threads should perform very poorly overall
CPUs with only 2 cores per CCX cluster should perform very poorly overall

Intel – Any x64 CPUs
CPUs without AVX2 and with less than 4 cores and 8 threads should perform very poorly overall

GPUs AMD – Vulkan compatible with active driver support
AMD Polaris architecture, RX 400 series or later

NVIDIA compatible – Vulkan with active driver support
NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, GTX 900 series or later

AMD – Compatible with OpenGL 4.3 or later
AMD Evergreen Architecture, HD 5000 series or later

NVIDIA – Compatible with OpenGL 4.3 or later
NVIDIA Fermi Architecture, GTX 400 series or later

RAM 8GB dual-channel RAM or more
Dual-channel memory is highly recommended over single-channel memory
4GB of RAM or more
4GB is the absolute minimum requirement
Storage SSD storage for emulator data, SSD or HDD storage for games

512MB for base emulator data, 5GB for virtual console dev_hdd1 cache
128MB for emulator cache and console user data per installed game*

* Average recommendation. Some games may require more, most games require less

SSD or HDD storage for emulator data and games

512MB for base emulator data, 5GB for virtual console dev_hdd1 cache
128MB for emulator cache and console user data per installed game*

* Average recommendation . Some games may require more, most games require less

os Windows
Windows 10 21H1 or later

Linux 5.16 (latest), 5.15 (LTS) or later

Mac OS
macOS Monterey 12.0 or later

FreeBSD 13.0 or later

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 2004 or later

Linux 5.4 (old LTS), Ubuntu 18.04 or later

Mac OS
macOS Big Sur 11.6 or later

FreeBSD 12.2 or later


Please note that our release increases are benchmarks and not stable builds. Always download the latest build from https://rpcs3.net/download

  • rsx : Implement deferred buffer allocations for GPU write @kd-11 in #13473
  • Install pkg : Now incorrect installation of PKG files will return the error fixed if possible by @Megamouse in #13478
  • cellMic : Random improvements by @Megamouse in #13426
  • Qt : Disabled PSN setting in @Megamouse global settings in #13480
  • rpcn : Throws exception when using rpcn features without proper configuration by @Megamouse in #13482
  • Patch : Move/Remove/Patch virtual game files by @elad335 in #13483
  • Fixed wolfssl connect by @RipleyTomnel #13487
  • VFS : Fixed mounting non-existent paths by @elad335 in #13488
  • Qt : Disable some network settings in the global configuration. Re-enable RPCN in global configuration by @Megamouse in #13489
  • patch : Fixed bug move_file/hide_file by @Megamousenel #13491
  • Overlay : Added ppu build notification and tap existing build notifications by @Megamouse in #13423
  • cellVdec : Reverted RGBA alignment change by @Megamouse to #13496
  • hid : Try to fix Linux by @Megamouse in #13499
  • cellSaveData : Slow save completion (restores iconic game save icons) by @elad335 in #13492
  • Use NBIO for RPCN by @RipleyTom in #13511
  • Added better error handling for RequestSignalingInfos by @RipleyTom in #13514
  • PPU : Don’t interrupt on unexpected TOC by @elad335 in #13490
  • Added missing spinning icon from assets by @RipleyTom in #13521
  • Fixed hid_pad_handler by @RipleyTomnel in #13525
  • llvm : Updated code to @oltolm’s new API in #13500
  • SPU LLVM : Fixed regression from #13500 by @Nekotekina in #13533
  • Use the new LLVM API in SPURecompiler by @oltolm in #13536
  • Use relative URLs in .gitmodules by @RipleyTom in #13547
  • Trophies: Log more specific errors on installation failure by @Megamouse in #13544
  • Fixed timestamps in signaling_handler by @RipleyTom in #13551
  • Reporting : Report idle status on unknown connection by @RipleyTom in #13553
  • Fixed recvn high CPU usage by @RipleyTom in #13543
  • Improved invitation handling by @RipleyTom in #13552
  • cellFsReaddir : Fix termination sequence / fix savestate crash on load by @elad335 in #13531
  • Fixed spam expired from reporting by @RipleyTom in #13561
  • Fixed an emulator crash in Emulator::SaveSettings by @elad335 in #13567
  • vk : Separate vertex and fragment phase send constant updates for overlays by @kd-11 in #13573
  • Fixed inaccuracies reported by PVS-Studio by @RipleyTom in #13569
  • Third part: Updated MoltenVK to version 1.2.3 (Vulkan SDK 1.3.243) by @shinra-electric in #13574
  • [TESTERS REQUIRED] cellMic: Wait for recording before using secondary mics by @Megamouse in #13484
  • Increased the delay for int GHL and TT transfers by @RipleyTom in #13578
  • vk : Improved hardware detection for M1 by @kd-11 in #13591
  • Fixed using microphone thread by @RipleyTom in #13593
  • cellMusicExport : First implementation by @Megamouse in #13596
  • .autosaveAdded Qt Creator files to .gitignoreby @elad335 in #13597
  • sys_fs and VFS : Various bug fixes by @brian218 in #13477
  • Fixed emulator crash when stopping emulation after being paused by @elad335 in #13530
  • Updated @Megamouse dependencies in #13613
  • Updated to LLVM 16 by @Nekotekina in #13534
  • rsx : Added clip_width workaround for some buggy games by @kd-11 in #13623
  • llvm : Fixed @Megamouse submodule path to #13622
  • cellGcm : Added more enums by @Megamouse in #13587
  • Added alternate 3D viewing modes via @headassbtw in #13582
  • Improved scheduling of cellMic and sys_usbd threads by @RipleyTom in #13601
  • Fixed BUILD_LLVM by @RipleyTom option in #13627
  • BUILDING.mdupdated according to changes made by #13622 by @brian218 in #13628
  • Removed unnecessary pointer bitcasts by @oltolm in #13617
  • Updated to LLVM 16.0.1 by @Nekotekina in #13629
  • Skylander Portal : Trap Team audio transfers by @deReeperJosh in #13565
  • Updated build-mac.shby @nastys in #13644
  • Fixed deref in cellSaveData by @RipleyTom in #13646
  • Loader : Make analysis executable without breaking UI when launching games by @elad335 in #13630
  • Force deterministic FP operations when online by @RipleyTom in #13608
  • vk : GTX970 workaround by @kd-11 in #13577
  • Debugger : Corrected passage by @elad335 in #13649
  • cellMic : Fallback to reduce the number of channels and sample rate if required is not supported by @Megamouse in #13614
  • Added save buttons to main menu by @elad335 in #13562
  • PPU LLVM : Disabled DSE pass by @Nekotekina in #13651
  • SPU LLVM : Use atomic loads in reading channel count by @Nekotekina in #13659
  • Fixed tmp path in updater by @RipleyTom in #13661
  • jit : Fix vec_cmp_eq by @kd-11 in #13665
  • SPU LLVM : Use volatile archives for PC update by @Nekotekina in #13670
  • Round squircled axis values ​​to nearest integer by @shockdude in #13671
  • Reversed the crossfader axis connection of the DJ Hero Turntable . by @shockdude in #13636
  • Implemented sceNpManagerGetCachedInfo by @RipleyTom in #13687
  • SPU LLVM : Optimized log archives by @Nekotekina in #13672
  • vk : Promoted barycentric interpolation to 64 bit by @kd-11 in #13690
  • BufferUtils : Fixed SSE2 path for byteswap by @Nekotekina in #13691
  • Qt : Added checkbox to restart dialog by @Megamouse in #13695
  • Qt : Added filters to grid by @Megamouse in #13699
  • Qt : Added option to reset time played by @Megamouse in #13698
  • Keep second 0 in firmware strings by @Megamouse in #13697
  • gl : Clear logic of attachment Refactoring by @kd-11 in #13701
  • SPU LLVM : Improved DSE by @Nekotekina in #13702
  • Fixed LLVM library path to Debug by @luizfernandonb in #13703
  • Reduced IO with loading @elad335’s game library in #13715
  • Silence some warnings by @Megamouse in #13717
  • SPU LLVM : Experimental edit by @Nekotekina in #13710
  • Updated Unself by @Megamouse frameworks and documentation to #13711
  • Emu : Cache games.ymland save only when needed by @Megamouse in #13716
  • Correction for #13720 by @Nekotekina in #13722
  • Qt : Optimized fixed list update by @Megamouse in #13712
  • Updated @Megamouse dependencies in #13725
  • Qt : Correctly set the @Megamouse game size calculation function in #13726
  • UI : Game search improvements thanks to @elad335 in #13719
  • Qt : Fixed @Megamouse using table element delegate in #13737
  • SPU LLVM : Fixed bug for AMD FX processors by @Nekotekina in #13738
  • Qt : Lazy Loading Trophy Icons by @Megamouse in #13739
  • Qt : Fix save data dialog exception by @Megamouse in #13743
  • Qt : Lazy load save data icons by @Megamouse in #13754
  • Qt : Fixed adding vsh to game list by @Megamouse in #13758
  • rsx : Fix framebuffer width if pitch fits scissor but not clip width by @kd-11 in #13753
  • Qt : Load playlist asynchronously while showing progress dialog by @Megamouse in #13756
  • Decrease some include madness by @Megamouse in #
  • Qt : Fix data rush and undefined behavior in games_config, fix premature cancellation of futurewatcher by @Megamouse in #13768
  • Optimized @Megamouse game list update behavior in #13770
  • savestates:/sys_spu: Fix saving join by @elad335 in #13764
  • Qt : Game listing corrected by @Megamouse in #13778
  • Loader : split add_only into own function by @Megamouse in #13760
  • Change the AppImage packaging to an actively maintained system by @hcorion in #13777
  • Reverted removal of wayland-client library by @hcorion in #13789
  • Use separately bundled LLVM library for linux AppImage compiled by @hcorion in #13786
  • gl : Fixed blur_intensity GL_INVALID_OPERATION validation layers bug by @AniLeo in #13790
  • Qt/Utility : Merge memory viewer with researcher by @elad335 in #13558
  • Don’t ship git by @Megamouse folder in #
  • Force enable STATIC_LINK_LLVM with BUILD_LLVM=ON by @RipleyTom in #13794
  • Qt : Fix invisible first icon in game list by @Megamouse in #13796
  • Fixed deadlock in games_config by @RipleyTom in #13797
  • vk : Improved attribute interpolation for NVIDIA by @kd-11 in #13798
  • vk : Propagate flag swizzle in hw blit engine by @kd-11 in #13799
  • gl : Fixed untyped rolls by @kd-11 in #13804
  • [LLVM update bug fix] Added support for BEXTR instruction by @Nekotekina in #13807
  • build : Fixed USE_SYSTEM_SDL by @stefantalpalaru in #13805
  • Qt : Implemented flow layout game grid by @Megamouse in #13801
  • Qt : File filter rpcs3_*.qmwhen enumerating languages ​​by @Megamouse in #13812
  • sys_fs & sys_game : Miscellaneous syscall improvements by @brian218 in #13662
  • Fix ASAN by @oltolm in #13650
  • Changes to FREST, FRQEST, FI logic by @RipleyTom in #13723
  • Fixed rpcn configuration reset by @RipleyTom in #13816
  • [HOTFIX] PPU LLVM : Unbreak function linkage by @elad335 in #13823
  • Added linuxdeploy-plugin-checkrt for backward compatibility by @hcorion in #13813
  • SPU/Debugger : Detected functions without stack by @elad335 in #13817
  • Qt : Fixed game list event filtering by @Megamouse in #13829
  • Fixed some warnings by @Megamouse in #13830
  • SPU/PPU/Debugger : Ensure stack frames are rising by @elad335 in #13833
  • Get font directory from Windows by @oltolm in #13825
  • System.cpp: Tightened the initiation of disk updates by @elad335 in #13832
  • Logs : Fix stack cell errors when reading @elad335 in #13858
  • vk/rsx : Improved out of memory handling thanks to @kd-11 in #13859
  • SPU executable code dump tool by @elad335 in #13852
  • Improved accuracy for FREST/FRSQEST by @RipleyTom in #13863
  • cli : Added ability to record ffmpeg codecs by @Megamouse in #13872
  • sys_usbd : Emulate Disney Infinity Base by @deReeperJosh in #13851
  • [Testers Needed] Supports MIDI Instruments for Rock Band 3 by @DarkRTA in #13632
  • Qt : No longer refresh game grid after emulation stops by @Megamouse in #13878
  • Log/Debugger : Go-To-Address signal from log text by @elad335 in #13874
  • Windows : Use vector for performance counter data allocation according to @Megamouse in #13879
  • Miscellaneous updates by @Megamouse in #13869
  • Qt : Hide trophy table columns by @Megamouse in #13880
  • rsx : Fixed some corner cases in atlas region clipped by @kd-11 in #13875
  • input : Added option to keep pads connected by @Megamouse in #13881
  • Qt : Do not update mic and midi list in constructor by @Megamouse in #13887
  • cellSpurs : Fixed ready count for @elad335 in #13889
  • Fixed spu_fm by @RipleyTom in #13891
  • Debugger : Implemented key scrolling through threads by @elad335 in #13892
  • input : Added sanity checks for buf_size by @Megamouse in #13894
  • Overlay : Don’t play sounds on fast auto repeat by @Megamouse in #13898
  • SPU/Debug Fixes by @elad335 in #13900
  • sceNpTrophy : Set unlock timestamps by @Megamouse in #3867
  • vk : Added support for VK_EXT_custom_border_color by @kd-11 in #13901
  • pine : Fixed some caveats by @Megamouse in #13904
  • Updates by @Megamouse in #13905
  • Take advantage of the WIN10 API Thread Name by @elad335 in #13910
  • Overlay : Align chart label width with chart width by @Megamouse in #13918
  • Updated MVK to version 1.2.4 for Vulkan SDK 1.3.250 by @shinra-electric in #13908
  • [TESTERS NEEDED] input : Added config files for emulated input by @Megamouse in #13896
  • cellCamera : Don’t switch to main thread unless really needed by @Megamouse in #13920
  • Input/hid : Added some more logging by @Megamouse in #13921
  • rsx/overlay : Fixed crash when exiting game by @elad335 in #13915
  • Overlay : Fix intercepting media list dialog box by @Megamouse in #13924
  • Qt/Debugger : Added Ctrl+F (find thread), Ctrl+C (copy) by @elad335 in #13923
  • Fix debugger_frame double events by @elad335 in #13930
  • vk : Rewritten descriptor allocations by @kd-11 in #13927
  • Trophies : Added more sanity checks to pugixml backend by @Megamouse in #13925
  • Extra fix for PS3_EXTRA by @elad335 in #13934
  • Qt/Loader : Allowing users to choose which packages to install by @Megamouse in #13932
  • rsx : Improved trimming of surface cache by @kd-11 in #13933
  • Improvements in Gran Turismo titles by @elad335 in #13917
  • rpcs3_version : Switch to version 0.0.28 by @AniLeo in #13939

If you are looking for a guide on how to configure and setup the RPCS3 emulator, click here!!

Download:  RPCS3 v0.0.28 Alpha

Download:  Source code RPCS3 v0.0.28 Alpha

Source: github.com