DS4Windows v3.2.11 released

Published a new update for DS4Windows , the application designed to bring Sony game controllers to popular PC games that do not specifically support it.


The magic is done by mapping the DualShock and DualSense controllers into an emulated XBox controller. With this application you can map your controller with predefined profiles and by game, lightbar configuration and whatnot. It supports USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

It supports all the features and functions found on the DualShock and DualSense, including rumble support, mapping the touchpad as a mouse or any other input, accelerometer and gyro mapping.

DS4 audio only works on USB with generic BT duals. If you want controller audio over BT, you need an official BT Doogle Playstation. The update, in addition to some fixes, moves the diamond options inside the Profiles menu.

Note: Xbox controller emulation does not magically make button tips appear on screen like Playstation button tips. This shouldn’t bother most people after a few weeks of use. If you prefer Playstation button hints, please request appropriate Dualshock 4 support from the game developers.

One of the main innovations of this new version concerns the activity logging, which allows users to keep track of the actions performed while using DS4Windows.

This feature can be extremely useful for monitoring and resuming operations at a later time.

Also increased the waiting period in the shooting routine, thus improving the overall stability and reducing the possibility of errors during the process.

Another important change concerns the update of the HidHide installer to version HidHide is a tool that allows users to hide specific input devices, giving you more control over device management.

To improve the positioning of the main application window at startup, a change has been made in border control. This contributes to a better layout of the user interface, ensuring optimal viewing.

Another interesting new feature is jitter compensation for the Gyro Mouse joystick. This addition improves input accuracy and stability, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

One significant change is DS3 device support, which has been made optional and separate from DS4 controller support. This offers greater flexibility to users, allowing them to tailor their use of the application to their specific needs.

Apart from these features, the update also includes several fixes and improvements. For example, the JoyCon LS’s X limit has been reduced when there is no user calibration, resulting in a smoother and more accurate gaming experience.

The improvements also affect the library FakerInputDll.dll, correcting a file write flag issue and increasing overall application compatibility.

Also fixed an annoying issue with the initial saving of the default enabled state for non-DS4 controllers, ensuring a consistent and smooth experience.

Finally, the French translation of the application has been updated thanks to the contribution of Enzo Chaussivert . Also, an issue with resetting window position on multi-monitor systems has been fixed, contributed by kurtanr.


  • Windows 10 or newer (thanks Microsoft).
  • Microsoft .NET 4.8 or higher (required to unpack driver and for macros to work properly)
  • Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable. x64 or  x86
  • ViGEmBus driver (DS4Windows will install it for you).
  • Microsoft 360 Driver (link within DS4Windows, already installed by Windows if you have used a 360 controller before).
  • Sony DualShock 4 or other supported controller.
  • Connection method:
    • Micro USB cable.
    • Sony wireless adapter
    • Bluetooth 4.0 (either through an adapter like this or built into your PC), only using the Microsoft BT stack is supported, the CSR BT stack has been confirmed not to work with DS4 even though some CSR adapters work fine using the Microsoft BT stack. Toshiba adapters do not currently work. Disabling “Enable Output Data” in the controller profile settings might help with latency issues, but will disable lightbar and rumble support.
  • Turn off the PlayStation Configuration Support and Xbox Configuration Support options for the Xbox configuration in Steam.

Device detection problem

If the DS4 is not detected by DS4Windows and the light bar is still flashing yellow, exclusive mode may have permanently disabled the DS4 controller in Windows.

The easiest way to test this is to plug the controller into a different USB port and see if that works. While this problem mostly affected earlier versions of DS4Windows (text written after version 1.5.15) for various reasons, other mapping programs could cause the same problem.

If you suspect that DS4 has been disabled, open Device Manager ( Pannello di controllo\Dispositivi e stampanti\Gestione dispositivi) and look for devices listed in the path Human Interface Devices\Controller gioco compatibile HID.

If the icon shown for a device has a down arrow icon, you should check the device instance path and see if the device is a DualShock 4 device.

Right-click the device entry and select “Enable Device” from the menu. This will wake up the device so that it can be seen by applications again.

Turn off controller mapping support in Steam

Steam has enabled Xbox Setup support in the Steam client by default. This means that Steam will automatically map an initially detected Xbox 360 controller to KB+M binding (desktop mode) before initiating Steam Big Picture mode or launching a game.

This poses a problem for DS4Windows as the created virtual Xbox 360 controller will map to KB+M actions for desktop mode and games launched outside the Steam client.

To use DS4Windows correctly , open Steam Big Picture mode, go to Settings > Controllers > Controller Configuration (GENERAL SETTINGS) and uncheck Xbox Configurator along with PlayStation Configurator .

For more info you can check out the wiki .


  • Added ability to log activities to resume method. This can be useful for tracking actions performed while using the application.
  • Increased the waiting period for the shooting routine, allowing for better stability and reducing the possibility of errors.
  • The HidHide installer has been updated to version HidHide is software that allows you to hide specific input devices.
  • Border checking has been changed to improve the positioning of the main application window at startup.
  • Added jitter compensation to the Gyro Mouse joystick, improving input accuracy and stability.
  • DS3 device support has been made optional, separating it from DS4 controller support.
  • The JoyCon LS’s X limit has been reduced when there is no user calibration, allowing for a smoother gaming experience.
  • The FakerInputDll.dll file has been updated to fix the file write flag, improving application compatibility and stability.
  • Fixed an issue with saving the default enable state for non-DS4 controllers.
  • The French translation of the application has been updated thanks to the contribution of Enzo Chaussivert .
  • Fixed an issue with resetting window position on multi-monitor systems, contributed by kurtanr .

Download: DS4Windows v3.2.11 (x64) Released

Download: DS4Windows v3.2.11 (x86) Released

Download: Source code DS4Windows v3.2.11

Source: github.com