A Zelda fan recreates a Tears of the Kingdom demo using the Unreal Engine

Fans of the Zelda series have had the opportunity to enjoy the new title, Tears of the Kingdom , for almost a month, and their creativity and inventiveness in the game have been really interesting.


A variety of creations have been made ranging from practical functionality during gameplay to comical and outlandish elements.

However, a fan named Praxy (PraxisOfficiel) decided to take it further and started work on a demo project called Rip-off the Kingdom .

This project is a remake for Windows made using the Unreal Engine. Praxy started by creating a basic model for a test phase and main character, allowing him to test Link’s animations, such as climbing, running and gliding, along with some basic weapon mechanics.

Furthermore, it included a standard enemy based on the Bokoblin, which Link can fight against, and almost faithfully recreated the menus and UI elements of the original game (with the exception of some menus based on Breath of the Wild).

He was able to implement some of the new features featured in Tears of the Kingdom as well , such as Fuse, Ultrahand, and Recall, showing them in action.

To test the work done so far, Praxy has created a demo of its remake. The demo features an original floating island similar to the ones featured in the original game, with some Bokoblins to fight and some minor puzzles for players to experience the reimplemented mechanics like Ultrahand and Recall.

Praxy has also released a personal video showing part of the game. Praxy ‘s Tears of the Kingdom remake can be downloaded from her itch.io profile and can be played on modern Windows machines.

No specific minimum requirements have been given to play, but all you need is to download the .zipgame file and run the file .exeto begin the adventure.

Praxy ‘s initiative in recreating a demo version of Tears of the Kingdom shows fans’ appreciation and enthusiasm for the Zelda series and demonstrates how games can inspire players’ creativity.

Zelda aficionados and those curious to try this reinterpretation alike can now dive into this demo and find out what Praxy has created , at least until Nintendo unleashes their lawyers.

Download: Rip off the Kingdom

Source: gbatemp.net