PS5 Release: Homebrew Proof-of-Concept by astrelsky

Developer Astrelsky has released a Proof-of-concept file for Homebrew on the PS5. This test Homebrew, when run, dumps the kernel data to disc. This is not a homebrew enabler for PS5 (HEN), yet.

What is PS5 Homebrew poc

This proof of concept is a simple elf file that will dump the kernel data to disc. Where it’s different from former payloads that have done exactly the same thing before, according to Astrelsky, is that the Homebrew is running in its own process. The developer mentions that this system “is using so files instead of pulling everything from dlsym” and that “You’ll be able to read/write to other userland processes with the api. Memory protections are ignored.

Astrelsky adds that the process is spawned from the PS5 redis server, and is technically a daemon. I’m not sure the difference here matters with an actual process but I assume we’ll know more as things get added to this.

It is unclear to me whether any of that was possible until now with existing payloads, but we’ll keep everyone updated once more details are shared.

What’s next for PS5 Homebrew and the PS5 scene

This release doesn’t include any sources, which is intentional for now: Astrelsky has stated that his work needs to be cleaned up before being integrated into the PS5 Homebrew SDK. Once this happens, I believe this will allow the SDK to generate Homebrew instead of ELF files running in the same process as the exploit.

As for how this benefits the end user, that is not super clear at the moment, although it feels we’re getting closer to an actual Homebrew environment. I’m seeing this release as an additional significant brick to the foundation of future homebrew support on the PS5

Download and run PS5 Homebrew poc

You can Download the files here.

Important notes:

  1. Having personally a console running on 1.02 (and a digital edition anyway), I am not able to test this release.
  2. You will need a PS5 running the BD-JB exploit in order to run this homebrew. From the readme:

send elf using
once sent, if successful it will listen on port 9030 and will dump the kernel data
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