PlayStation Project Q leaks (and Sony fans are divided)

Over the past few days we’ve seen some leaked pictures and videos of PlayStation “Project Q“, the handheld streaming device that connects to the PS5. It appears the device is running on Android, and, as expected, people are not impressed.

PlayStation Project Q – Running on Android

The leaked videos and pictures confirm what has been known (or guessed) about the device so far: it looks and feels like an oversized PS5 controller, with a large touchscreen in the center. The device appears to be running a customized Android OS. Website insider-gaming are confirming the leaked pictures are the real deal.


PlayStation fans are divided on this device. Some consider it a day 1 purchase, others say it looks like “a 50$ Android tablet glued to a Dualsense”, and a bunch of users sit in-between, considering a purchase of the device, if the price is right. It is rumored that the device will cost between $200 and $300.

Of course, what will make or break Project Q is how good the streaming/gaming experience is, compared to running the existing Remote Play on a regular Android phone. It is unclear what value is being added by the device, whether it is better hardware, or some innovative software experience (although Sony have confirmed it will have adaptive triggers with haptic feedback, something your Android phone probably doesn’t have). We’ll have to wait and see for more details.

Source: Zuby_Tech, thanks to @Roc6d