PS5 Release: Kernel Exploit (Webkit – v1.03) compiled for ESP8266

I was having a hard time finding the latest and greatest version of the PS5 Kernel exploit files (known as v1.03 on SpecterDev‘s github) compiled for the ESP8266. Apologies if a compiled version already exists somewhere and I missed it*, but here goes.

If you don’t care about the reasons and the process, and just want the file, here it is: (tested PS5 3.00, but should work up to 4.51 included)

What is the ESP8266 – And why it matters for the PS5


The ESP8266 is a tiny electronic module, typically aimed at DIY developers, that ships with basic Wifi functionality.

In theory, it’s not super useful on its own and is better used for DIYers working on electronic projects. But in the case of PS5 (and PS4) hacks, the device is perfect: loaded with the PS5 exploit, it can act as a fake Wifi router for your PS5, that will help you run the Webkit hack (and the kernel exploit). It has the benefit of being isolated from the Internet, so no risk of a mistaken firmware update. On top of that, its power needs are entirely fulfilled by the PS5’s usb port.

In other words, the ESP8266 can act as a perfect self contained loader for your PS5 exploit, with no need for an internet connection. And, perhaps more importantly, you can find it on pretty much any retailer for just a few bucks.

How to run the PS5 Kernel Exploit on an ESP8266


  1. Get an ESP8266 if you don’t have one
  2. Download and install the drivers
  3. Download NodeMCU Flasher
  4. Download the ESP8266 Binary for the exploit


    1. Connect your ESP8266 to your PC – If everything works as expected, you should be able to see it in your Device Manager
    1. Run NodeMCU Flasher, and select the binary file to flash. The parameters are generally ok with the default, but make sure you select “yes” for erase flash (this will delete everything that was on the chip before).
    1. Unplug and re-plug your ESP8266 to restart it
    2. You should now see a PS5_WEB_AP wifi router from your PS5. Connect to it (password is “password“)
    3. From there, going into Settings >  User’s Guide, Safety and Health Information > User’s guide will launch the exploit page

If you prefer, Modded Warfare has a great video guide on how to do exactly this, although please note that his links are outdated (well, the binary in particular)

Note: The Server runs at IP, most likely your PS5 will get IP You can also connect your PC to the Wifi SSID, this way you should be able to connect to the PS5 via FTP etc…


I’ve used the following code to compile this version:

  • Stooged’s ESP8266 PS5-Server repository was used as the base
  • I replaced Stooged’s data folder with the latest files from SpecterDev’s PS5 IPV6 Exploit repository.
    • Note: due to how compilation of the files work, I had to move all the offset js files into the root, and modified the last line of exploit.js to load them directly from the root instead of the offsets folder
  • Followed mbcrump’s esp8266 compilation guide.


* Prior versions actually did exist. You can get compiled binaries for ESP32 and ESP8266 by Echo stretch here and here respectively. His binaries have the benefit of including the latest FPKG support, which SpecterDev’s repository doesn’t have yet.