PS Vita Release: Wipeout Rewrite (Vita port by Rinnegatamante)

Developer Rinnegatamante keeps releasing new ports for the PS Vita, almost on a daily basis at the current rate, although this one isn’t an entry for the FuHEN contest. Wipeout Rewrite is a Vita port of the game by the same name, itself being the original Wipeout re-written from scratch following the source code leak of the original Wipeout in 2022.

What is Wipeout Rewrite for PS Vita

Wipeout Rewrite is the original PSX Wipeout game rewritten from scratch based on the original leaked source code. This is a Vita port by Rinnegatamante using SDL2 (ported by Northfear) and VitaGL for Rendering.


This Rewrite was originally done by Dominic Szablewski (Phoboslab), and if you have the time, you should check out his semi-technical article on how this “rewrite” was done, as it’s fascinating. One of my favorite bits:

The quality of the leaked source is abysmal. From what I can piece together, it mainly contains the “Wipeout ATI 3D Rage Edition” of the game. A lackluster port for Windows that was bundled with ATI GPUs.

The directories named WipeoutPSX and WIN95/ are not the original PlayStation or a Win95 versions, but just contain some dysfunctional intermediate copies. The Wipeout98/ directory apparently was the one that was compiled into the ATI Rage Edition, but it still included some header files from the PSX and Win95 directories.

Let me paint you a picture: Even the NTSC version for the PlayStation looks like an afterthought quickly hacked into the PAL version. #ifdefs switched some physics calculations from 25 fps to 30. Later, the PC DOS release, Win95 version and finally the ATI Rage Edition were haphazardly piled on top. Each time by a different set of developers that somehow had to make sense of this mess. The code still contains many of the remains of what came before. There was never any time to clean it up.


Download Wipeout Rewrite for PS Vita

The game also include some nice shader effects such as this old school CRT screen effect

Notes on the Vita port:

This repository does not contain the assets (textures, 3d models etc.) required to run the game. This code mostly assumes to have the PSX NTSC data, but some menu models from the PC version are loaded as well. Both of these can be easily found on and similar sites. The music (optional) needs to be provided in QOA format. The intro video as MPEG1.

The directory structure is assumed to be as follows


This required game data may or may not be downloadable here.

Source: VitaDB