PS5: SpecterDev’s PS5 Exploit implementation gets update with PS5 pkg & PS4 fpkg Install support

Before you ask, no, this isn’t Homebrew or Backup support, this is just SpecterDev‘s implementation of the hack getting up to speed with what other hosts have implemented for weeks, namely the CEX to DEX trick that allows installing PS5 PKG files on a hacked PS5, as well as PS4 FPKG files.

Since FPKGs in particular cannot be run, several people on the scene have expressed doubts on the usefulness of this trick, in particular since it is believed it could cause Savegame corruption down the road. Nonetheless, this particular hack has its usefulness, mostly because it has unlocked a way to download and install game patches on the PS5 (for games you own), as explained in a recent video by Modded Warfare.

The patch, committed by Echo Stretch, also seems to fix some 4.00 specific offsets. Firmware 4.00 has been the Black Sheep in the PS5 exploitable firmware family, still being marked as “TODO” in the exploit support list. Those of you running on that firmware might want to give the exploit another try with this latest update.

Stating again that this doesn’t seem to bring anything new compared to what has been implemented by several hosts for a few weeks already.

PS5 Kernel Exploit – Download & Run

To run this exploit, you can either:

Source: Echo Stretch