(chep game ) PS Vita release: Custom Themes Manager 4.02

Custom Themes Manager is an app that’s been around on the PS Vita for ages. Recently, its developer Red Squirrel updated it to 4.01 (almost 6 years after the 4.0 release) in order to fix some deprecated database url. Version 4.02, released today, fixes a cache issue introduced in 4.01.

If you’re into customizing your PS Vita, you have to give this application a try. And if you’re using it, you probably need 4.02, as there’s not guarantee the former 4.0 release is still working at this point, due to pointing to an older url.

What is Custom Themes Manager for PS Vita

From the official site:

Custom Themes Manager lets you manage your Custom Themes directly from the console. The user can browse, view, download and install Custom Themes from the online repository of psvt.ovh on his PSVita directly from the same application, without the need to use the Internet Browser, external apps or mods to the database or to connect the console to a PC. This application also includes a function to completely uninstall any Custom Theme you don’t like anymore so as to free up space for new themes, again without the need of a PC or having to format the whole Memory Card. Included also other useful features, such as: installing a Custom Theme from a local folder of your Memory Card, creating and restoring (in case you need) a backup of your own database (app.db file), dumping an official theme to a local folder, checking for updates available for any Custom Theme in the online repository, applying a theme without the need to go in the Settings app manually or choosing what partition to use to install the Custom Themes files. Finally, the application also includes a handy function to reboot your PSVita, saving you the trouble to manually shutdown and restart it, useful to correctly apply changes and avoid any bug after Custom Theme(s) installation or uninstallation.


  • Fixed a bug introduced in v4.01 that caused the application to crash when trying to access the Cache and DB backups management menu


  • Fixed the function to download from the online repository: all the addresses pointing to the old domain (psv.altervista.org) of the repository have been replaced with the new working one (psvt.ovh).
  • Removed the auto-update function of the app as it was completely broken. Besides quick bugfixes like this one, it’s unlikely there will be further updates in the future for this application, so it wasn’t worth spending time to fix it.
  • Compiled with the latest VitaSDK version available.

Download Custom Themes Manager PS Vita

Custom Themes Manager Vita

You can download version 4.02 here.

Details on installation and features can be found on the official page at https://redsquirrel87.altervista.org/doku.php/custom-themes-manager

Source: Red Squirrel

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