GoldHEN v2.4b17 ps4 hack 11.00 (chep game ps4)

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Hi all! The new beta is finally out! As many of you may already know, this version supports the new exploit and firmware 11.00, but support for 10.00 / 10.01 is also in development. This new release supports both the previous WebKit exploits and the new pppwn, but for this it requires a custom stage2 that I wrote and released the code ( ) I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people without whom we wouldn’t have this (and other) release today: – TheFlow for releasing his exploit (and not just this one) to everyone. – flat_z for conceiving and publishing the hen for ps4 with a writeup. – vortex for implementing the first versions of the hen. – golden for creating projects that helped me understand many things. – OSM for his cool Orbis Toolbox. – Hippie68 for his work on the new FTP server. – Al_Azif for providing various necessary resources. – SocraticBliss for his RE scripts. – Illusion for his game patches and more. – bucanero for his work on the cheat manager. – All the cheat developers who shared their trainers with everyone. Thanks to the testers who had so much patience: – Big_Wadger – EchoStretch – Opoisso893 – mbcrumb – MODDED WARFARE – vapour Last but not least, my friends ctn and kameleon for their continuous support, not only technical! ❤️ Thanks also to everyone who supported my project on kofi! Changelog ## v2.4b17 – Added support for kernel loaders – Added support for 11.00 – Added syscall 11 Known Issue – klog server: After the pppwn, the klog server is not reachable immediately. A rest mode resume is needed to make it work. To Do List – Add support for 10.00 / 10.01 As always, I remind you that this is a beta version and despite my and the testers’ careful checks, some bugs may emerge. Please report them on the discord server if found.

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